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  • Big Data and it's usage

    Big data is exactly what it sounds like - a huge amount of data. Since the advent of the Internet, we've been producing data in staggering amounts. According to Berkeley researchers, we are now produc...

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  • Tools that use for Big data

    Big Data is a term that directly indicates a huge amount of data which can be exceeding Terabytes in size. This large and complex data set is difficult to process using traditional applications or too...

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  • Why NoSQL good for Big data?

    Big Data describes a large and complex data sets, which is usually referred to massive, rapidly expanding, varied and often unstructured sets of digitized data that are difficult to maintain using tra...

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  • Importance of data scientist in 2019

    The demand for data science skills has grown significantly in recent years as companies look to glean useful information from the voluminous amounts of structured, unstructured and semistructured data...

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  • Databases for Big Data

    Big Data refers to the technologies and initiatives that involve in data diverse which is massive in size and fast-changing. The volume, velocity or variety of data in big data is too huge. Because of...

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