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  • Modern architecture of CPU

    The form, design, and implementation of CPUs have changed over the course of their history, but their fundamental operation remains almost unchanged. Principal components of a CPU include the arithmet...

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  • What is VPU?

    You may hear about the term VPU in the recent news. But, many of you don't know what actually VPU is. So, let's find out.VPU stands for Vision Processing Unit, which is an emerging class of microproce...

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  • ARM vs X86 vs AMD64

    AMD64 The AMD64 or x86-64 or x64 is a 64-bit processor architecture invented by AMD.  AMD64 is designed to enable simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing with no degradation in performance. With D...

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  • How does multi-core processor work?

    A multi-core processor is one which combines two or more independent processors into a single package, often in a single integrated circuit to perform task parallel. With only one core, a system can o...

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  • What is Intel Optane?

    Intel Optane is a memory system that used to accelerate new 7th Gen and later version of Intel Core Processor-based platforms. Intel Optane technology is an all-new premium class of memory that can ch...

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