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  • Most useful websites for hackers?

    The high tech world is the place for all kind of professional, creative persons who have extraordinary innovative thinking. And this world is also for hackers. Though it may sound like different, it's...

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  • Best tools for Python development

    Python is everywhere. It evolving rapidly in many platforms either it’s for web development or builds mobile applications. This language allows projects to be carried out swiftly and in a versatile wa...

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  • Best tools for JavaScript development

    In the middle 90's, when word JavaScript came in most of the people mind that it was only for validations and animation in web pages. Now the time has changed, JavaScript has been evolved as a program...

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  • Tools that use for Big data

    Big Data is a term that directly indicates a huge amount of data which can be exceeding Terabytes in size. This large and complex data set is difficult to process using traditional applications or too...

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  • How to play Windows games on Linux?

    Linux operating systems gives the stability and security that Windows platform somewhere fails to deliver. But what about gaming? Linux users understand this pain. It will be a fare game to compare bo...

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  • Best tools for taking note

    We all know that how important it is to take notes regularly. You make an effort to capture ideas every day. And you spend time recording your thoughts. More and more students are taking their laptops...

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