Tue Dec 12 2023

10 Essential Behaviors Every Programmer Should Embrace for Success

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10 Essential Behaviors Every Programmer Should Embrace for Success

It's true that anyone can learn programming, but it's also true that not anyone can be a programmer. In fact, it's entirely possible to be a talented coder and still be a mismatch for the career. Being a programmer, you should enjoy programming and love to face challenges. There's more to it than the act of coding. Let's explore the ten fundamental behaviors every programmer should cultivate to thrive in their career.

1. Problem-Solving Mindset

Great programmers excel in problem-solving. They break down complex issues into smaller, manageable parts, leveraging logical thinking and creativity to devise effective solutions.

2. Experimental Creativity

Despite being heavy on the logic, programming is ultimately a creative art. A new program is like a blank canvas and your paintbrushes are your languages, frameworks, libraries, etc. You’re creating something out of nothing and this is a process that hinges on experimental fearlessness. Dogmatic coders will tell you that there’s "one true way" to write good code, but that’s not true at all. There are many ways to code software and you should be willing to experiment.

3. Continuous Learning

Technology evolves rapidly, making continuous learning indispensable. Successful programmers embrace this, staying updated with new languages, frameworks, and best practices to enhance their skills continually.

4. Be Self Driven

All good programmers need to be self-driven and there’s no way around this. When you strip away all of the extraneous details, programming is fundamentally repetitive. If you have no personal stake or ambition in the code you write, then you’re just going to be miserable. Your motivation to write code has to come from within. You have to love the act of coding just as much as the potential for walking away with a final product. If you wake up in the morning and you don’t feel a burning desire to work on your project, perhaps programming is not the right outlet for you.

5. Attention to Detail

The devil is in the details, especially in programming. Diligently checking code for errors, adhering to best practices, and maintaining clean, readable code are crucial habits.

6. Should Know How to Use Google

Everyone use Google, but as programmer, you need to know how to phrase search queries, review what other people have discussed about the topic you're researching, and apply what you learn to the project at hand. When faced with a problem, you should know how to take a moment to research and understand the problem.

7. Attention to Security

Security is paramount in programming. Successful programmers prioritize security practices, implementing measures to protect systems and data from vulnerabilities and threats.

8. Documentation and Communication Skills

Clear and concise documentation is crucial for code maintainability. Successful programmers document their code comprehensively and communicate technical concepts effectively to various stakeholders.

9. Attention to Efficiency and Performance

Efficiency matters. Writing optimized and performant code is crucial. Successful programmers focus on enhancing code efficiency and performance, minimizing resource consumption.

10. Embracing Failure as a Learning Opportunity

Mistakes are inevitable. Successful programmers view failures as learning opportunities, leveraging them to grow and improve their skills.


Cultivating these ten behaviors is essential for a programmer's success. By embracing problem-solving, continuous learning, attention to detail, collaboration, adaptability, efficiency, communication, security, and a positive attitude towards failure, programmers can navigate the dynamic landscape of technology and excel in their careers.

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