10 latest trends in software development

Latest trends in software development

Change, being the only thing constant, has many benefits, particularly in technology. These changes that are happening will aid in making technology better.

Now that we have entered a new decade, there are changes we have to watch out.

The software development industry is one of the industries that's going to experience a lot of changes. If you work for companies that create software, staying updated about it will help you incorporate the latest trends into your work.

Listed below are trends we are to see this 2020.


AI has been part of software development for years, and this technology will not fade away from the picture. Software developers will continue to integrate AI into their creations because it has a lot of benefits to their clients.

Artificial Intelligence can help businesses in many ways. It can assist them in customer services with the help of chatbots, boost productivity, reduce costs, and helps with the competitive market.

Hence, developers make sure to create a smarter AI for their software. This 2020, AI will become part of many applications and software, and it will become better than it was a few years ago.

Industries that will benefit from AI:

  • Healthcare
  • Businesses
  • Automotive Industry
  • Travel Industry
  • Education
  • Marketing Industry


5G was introduced to us earlier last year, and people became eager to get their hands in this technology. Therefore, some telecommunication companies were quick to create their version to provide to the public.

5G is now the fastest mobile network in the market. It has a speed of 10 gigabits per second, which makes it 10x faster than 4G.

This promising technology will bring a lot of changes to how developers would create their apps and software. But, these changes don't leave them compromising their work. Since 5G has a fast speed, the development of apps with AR and VR will become enhanced because users with 5G connection can now use these technologies to its full potential.

Moreover, data security will be enhanced by this technology.


Progressive Web App, or PWA, is a web application that acts like a mobile phone app and website at the same time. In fact, it is much better than native apps or websites. That's why PWA is still a trend when it comes to software development.

Developers will continue to grow PWA as it has far more benefits than creating a mobile app.

What are the benefits of PWA?

  • Cost-effective: Unlike mobile apps, the maintenance and development of PWA are better and easier. There is no need to create a separate code and program it for Android and iOS users. PWA can handle both.
  • Convenient: Fast, works offline, secured, and always updated.
  • It allows push notification
  • Less data usage
  • Decreases bounce rate
  • Enhances users' experience

AliExpress, an e-commerce website, create a PWA for their business, and they have experienced an immense impact. They have increased their conversion rate to 104% for the new users.

If you are under budget but want to create an app for your website, creating a PWA will be of big help.


Cybersecurity is not a new subject when it comes to technology. A lot of topics are centered on it because the number of online attacks has been surprisingly increasing. As the number of attacks increases, the cost of these attacks increases too. It is expected to reach $6 trillion in 2021.

Therefore, developers consider security when creating apps and software for their clients.

Making sure to implement cybersecurity into the development of software ensures the safety of data.


There are different types of cloud storage that businesses can use to store their data. These cloud storages have a lot of benefits, from cost reduction, data security, and productivity.

Edge computing and cloud computing has its own advantages from one another. But both are expected to rise, as businesses move all their data from a physical data server to the cloud.


The number of self-taught programmers is increasing as there are more online courses offered, and university courses are becoming expensive. This trend will help fill the gap of software developers needed to create innovative technology for industries.

Like self-taught developers, low-code development is also becoming popular nowadays. Some platforms allow beginners to create apps and software with no experience in coding. It allows businesses to spend less on hiring a professional developer, since they can create their app without the need to pay a lot.


Internet of Things or IoT made it possible by connecting every machine, gadget, vehicles, and appliance. It brings a lot of possibilities and convenience not only in businesses but in anyone's daily life.

IoT will challenge developers to create software that will be able to connect to different devices. It will bring them opportunities to learn and enhance their craft for businesses to have a competitive edge.

IoT can be used to collect data, prevent the breakdown of equipment, and reduce costs.


This technology has found its name from the famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin. But, there is more to blockchain than being associated with Bitcoin.

Blockchain is a network of decentralized data, that is transparent but tamper-free. It is often utilized by the finance industry, but now this technology is making its way to other sectors, such as healthcare, automotive, insurance, and more.

In the coming years, we will be witnessing Blockchain as part of software development. It will create apps and software that will secure data in the safest and tamper-free way possible.


The language to develop apps and software will also experience changes. The old languages used to develop apps would be changed with one that is flexible to add more features.

As developers and businesses change their priority and needs, so are the languages they use in programming.

Kotlin and Scala are taking over Java when it comes to creating Android apps.


Businesses are choosing to hire remote developers or IT personnel, as it is more cost-effective than an in-house employee. Businesses choose IT outsourcing companies as it is economical and they can deliver an exceptional job based on the business's goals.


The constant changes that technology experiences will greatly impact software development. Both business owners and software developers will find a positive influence from these trends, as it brings opportunity for developers to learn and businesses to grow.


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