10 Reasons to Choose Python for Web Development

With having more than 8 million active users over the globe, the world’s third most popular programming language Python (as per TIOBE survey) sits atop on the list of web developers.

As per the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Python is the fastest-growing language. Its development rate is 41.7%. There are more than 1,50,000 active websites that use Python.

Developed as a successor to the ABC language, It was created by Guido van Rossum. It was first released in 1991. It is a General-purpose programming language. It is breaking all the records of popularity these days.

The web mammoth Google was the first one to bring it to the notice of the world. It used Python to empower 'Youtube'.

It has been used widely from then on. It is used by giants like Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Yahoo, Dropbox, Reddit, Spotify and many more.

The experts have already foreseen the future of this language as a top web development language preferred by best software development agencies. Take it from us that there are many reasons for loving it.

1. Simplicity

Python is a high-level programming language. What it means is, it is a programming language which is near to human language whereas Low-level programming language is near to a machine. As a result, it is easy to understand Python.

It is more readable and it provides ease of use because of being more understandable. This is one of the most important reasons because of which it is becoming highly popular these days.

Furthermore, the length of the code is also short. It becomes especially a blessing when you have to develop a complex web solution. The tedious task of web coding is simplified to an unbelievable level.

2. Ease in Learning

Python is easy for new developers. Its learning curve is low.

On top of that, as the syntax of this language is simple and code length short, one can learn, understand and remember it in a short period of time.

It usually takes a lot of time in acquiring an understanding of other programming languages.

Because of this reason, in some universities, this is the language that is taught to beginners as the basics of programming.

The syntax is simple so it becomes easy for the beginners to follow. That is the reason why Python Web Development Agency is in massive demand nowadays.

3. Community Support

There is a huge community that uses primarily Python for their web development. Hence, there is a lot of support available for the ones who wish to learn it.

Community members have already reported and rectified the errors that existed in the design of the language. It is possible to gain the assistance of members. They can help in providing suggestions, correcting mistakes and fixing bugs.

4. Multiple Functionalities

Python is a General-Purpose Programming language in true sense. It supports building various types of web applications such as Data Science applications, Numeric Computing, Machine Learning.
Other important types include Ecommerce Applications, Business and Enterprise Applications, Software Development, Applications that have Desktop Graphical User Interface (GUI), 3D CAD Applications and many more.

5. Cost-Efficiency

Python is an Open Source programming language. So, there is no requirement to purchase it. This helps in reducing the project cost drastically. This saved amount can be used elsewhere for other purposes. Moreover, there are many Open Source frameworks and tools available which help in web development.

6. Extensive Library Support

In Python, it is possible to create different types of applications. For different types of such applications, multiple libraries are available. These libraries are collections of precompiled routines which a program is able to use.

They save time and provide is of use so they are extremely beneficial for the users. There are numerous libraries available in Python. Some of the important ones are Scikit-learn, TensorFlow Theano, Scipy, Numpy, Requests and many more.

7. Adaptability

Python is able to interact with other languages since there is the availability of third-party modules. For example, it can invoke the libraries of C, C++.

It can communicate with COM and. NET frameworks. It can integrate with Java components. It is possible to embed the codes of this language in other languages.

8. Cross-Platform Portability

Python can work effortlessly in many operating systems. It is possible to use Python interpreters to run codes on various platforms and tools. Python is an interpreted language.

It would let run the same code on different platforms without recompilation. Hence, our work becomes portable i.e. it can be carried to different platforms.

We can run the altered application code without recompiling. After that, we can check the effect of changes that are made to the code immediately. This helps in reduction in the total development time.

9. Dynamic Semantics

Python is a dynamically typed programming language. There are certain languages that are statically typed, however, others are dynamic typed. In the statically typed languages checking is done at the time of compilation.

In the dynamically typed one, it is done at the run-time. It is advantageous as it is short and time-saving. As there is no separate stage of compilation, it is quick. Further, the debugging process is fast and less complex.

10. Great Control and Supports Prototyping

Python supports an object-oriented design paradigm. This helps in increasing the overall control over the language. This also helps in managing it efficiently. It would lead to less required timings for coding.

Also, in Python, it is possible to generate prototypes of the software applications in a rapid manner. The top-rated Python Web Development Frameworks helps you in this regard.

Python also makes the simultaneous actions of coding and testing possible by adopting a test-driven development (TDD) approach.

This becomes very helpful as it lets the user check whether the application meets predefined goals based on its source code.

In a Nutshell…

If you are a novice in the field, this is definitely the language that you should learn as it is highly commendable from the perspective of the jobs.

If you are a seasoned developer, you still should learn depending on the type of web development you are engaged in as Python is surely the language that is going to dominate the web world in the coming years.

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