Thu Oct 13 2022

15 interesting facts about Mozilla Firefox

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15 interesting facts about Mozilla Firefox

All over the world, the net users are already familiar with Firefox web browser. It is an open-source browser. Firefox is now the second most used web browser. Firefox always is known for its powerful extension directory and debug capability.

Now billions of people across the world are using Firefox to surf the web, check their email and watch their favorite YouTube videos. More than a decade-long journey, many interesting things happened with Firefox. In this article, we are going to enlist top most interesting know unknown facts about Firefox.

So, let’s start-

  1. Origin - At the beginning, the Firefox started as an experimental branch of the Mozilla named m/b. Then it initially launched as Phoenix 0.1 in September 2002. Until 13 April 2003, it had held the name but a trademark dispute forced to change the name and it replaced with Firebird. Due to continuing pressure, it finally changed to Firefox on February 9, 2004. After that, this name is rolled out with a version number.

  2. Creator - Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross, two Netscape employees, had created the most useful web browser named Firefox.

  3. Logo - Mozilla logo symbolize Mozilla’s dedication to speed and world-wide access so well.

  4. Availability - Firefox not only available for Windows, Mac and Linux-based desktops, but also on iOS and Android platform.

  5. Global community - Firefox is backed by a global community of volunteer contributors and they translate Firefox into nearly 90 languages for the 50% of non-English language version users.

  6. Tor project - The well known private and dark web accessible browser, Tor is made from Firefox core.

  7. Privacy & Security - Firefox is dedicated to protecting online privacy and provide user control. It includes tools to help protect your privacy like Private Browsing, Guest Browsing and Do Not Track options.

  8. Firefox Add-ons - Firefox is the first browser that provides add-ons and themes which makes the browser smoother and quicker with additional features.

  9. Firefox light beam - Everyday across the Web unknowingly user interact with any third party sites which can easily be exposed by light-beam add-ons.

  10. Ad blocker - Firefox is also the first browser that brings Ad Blocker. It allows the user to prevent a web page form advertisements, annoying website notification, and pop-ups.

  11. WebGL support - Firefox first bring 3D in-browser on desktop and mobile by pioneering technologies like WebGL, now adopted by all major browsers. Mozilla shows that the web is a suitable platform for high-end game development.

  12. Developer friendly - Firefox Developer Edition is the first browser designed specifically for developers. Developers have access to a set of useful tools they can use to edit and debug HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  13. Firefox Quantum and it’s speed - Firefox Quantum launched in Nov 2017, which is 88% faster than ever. Startup times and page load times are now faster any other browser. It is now a speedy browser and keeps getting faster.

  14. VR compatibility - Web virtual reality support is starting with Firefox 55. The user can experience and control the VR effect by using headset and handset controllers. With this controller, the user can move and control in physical space.

  15. Firefox OS - Firefox is not only a browser, recently Firefox also launched the only truly open mobile operating system for smartphones. Firefox OS-based smartphones are now available in 24 countries across Asia, Europe, and Latin America.