3 Innovative eCommerce Software Every Established Business Needs

Most people would agree that eCommerce has taken over the traditional retail market. In recent years, bricks and mortar stores have taken a nosedive in sales due to the rise of digital retailers. However, the future possibilities of online selling are only just beginning to emerge. With new trends and innovative software hitting the market, you could well have untapped sales potential in your online store.

No business wants to get left behind, so here are three innovative software solutions that could revolutionize your business.

Innovative eCommerce Softwares

Social co-creation: Shopify

There has been an influx of social co-creation in recent years, with sites like Etsy and custom-clothing websites catering to a new consumer demand: personalized shopping. This eCommerce trend appeals to customer creativity and gives consumers more autonomy over their purchases.

Any website can set up a personalized shopping experience, but it takes high-powered tools and social interaction software for the process to work seamlessly. Seriously Silly Socks, winners of the Bigcommerce Innovation Awards, developed a giftbox tool through an outsourced designer who helped alleviate confusion on their selling site and increased sales by more than 50%. If you don't have the budget to hire a designer, you can use an affordable platform like Shopify to sell custom items.

SAP customer experience: Weaveability

SAP (known in part for their ‘customer experience technology’ products) is a platform that focuses on all elements of the customer experience. Real-time engagement has become a priority among eCommerce providers because it enhances the customer experience – which has paved the way for omnichannel solutions like Omnia eCommerce from Weaveability.

An omnichannel solution will help you achieve consistent brand engagement across all your touchpoints. With Omnia from Weaveability, you can utilize all of your existing SAP enterprise security without integration. This will not only boost brand loyalty and improve the all-important customer experience (CX) – it will also make you less reliant on IT and infrastructure, thus empowering your marketing and customer-facing teams. Get more information here.

Analytics: Kissmetics

Data analytics is the main reason why eCommerce stores perform better than traditional retailers. This is hardly disputable: most business owners would agree that no website is complete with analytics, and it is hard for traditional stores to compete. After all, if you don't know how your business is performing, how can it grow? Most site owners use analytics software of some kind, but what if you're in need of more advanced reporting?

Kissmetrics is an innovative analytics tool that provides granular data rather than the broad strokes of your traffic. Here, you can determine how many times a specific visitor has checked your site, which marketing channels have the highest ROI, and much, much more. This advanced segmentation will show you which campaigns are performing, and which aren’t, as well as how your design features impact sales.

The new and upcoming wave of innovation in eCommerce is exciting, especially for businesses with untapped potential. It's important to keep on top of emerging trends in the eCommerce software market so you don't get left behind.

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