Thu Nov 15 2018

5 best JavaScript frameworks of 2017

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5 best JavaScript frameworks of 2017

JavaScript is one of the most commonly used and popular programming language around the world. JavaScript frameworks are one of the main reasons behind its huge popularity and developers love JavaScript because of the efficiency, safety, and cost. Currently, there have so many JavaScript frameworks in the market but choosing a particular framework will depend on the kind of app you are trying to develop. In this geek story we'll discuss about the best 5 JavaScript framework of 2017. So, let's start -


Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript framework in the world, which is supported by Google. It has two variants AngularJS and Angular4. AngularJS is follow MVW model where Angular4 follow MVC model. It has been particularly useful to create dynamic web pages and single page web applications. Angular also highly preferred for hybrid mobile application development. Featured with components like overlays, sidebars, switches and absolute positioned navigation bars, this framework incorporates dynamic functionality to the application.


ReactJS is more of a library than a JS framework. It was introduced in 2013 as an open source JavaScript Framework Library, which is maintained by Facebook, Instagram and a huge community of individual corporations and developers. In MVC pattern React.js acts as "V" and can be smoothly integrated with any architecture and the usage of virtual DOM it provides a great performance boost, comparing to Angular 1.x. ReactJS is perfect for the projects that require powerful View Layers.


Took the best from Ember, React and Angular and putting all that into a handy package, which is called Vue.js. It is proved to be faster and leaner, comparing to React and Angular 2.0. It is an easy-to-learn and lightweight JavaScript library for web interface developments. Similar to Virtual DOM, it comes with two-way data binding and unlike React and Angular, it will only call for elements that are super essential to develop a web app.


Ember.JS is antoher open source JavaScript framework, which is based upon MVVM (Model View View Model) pattern. It work as an alternative to React and Angular in many cases. The framework is widely accepted for creating feature-rich web applications. Particularly, it helped developers to get across processes without breaking the web and putting the entire app under a single URL.


Meteor is a smart and powerful tool that allows you build web and mobile applications at a breakneck speed. MeteorJS covers all the phases of software development cycle and takes care of such glooming processes as linking, files concatenation and others. Meteor requires less code, so even though you are newbies to programming, you are able to build your own amazing app. Currently, it used to build a real-time application for businesses.

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