5 best Plagiarism Checker Tools for Students in 2022

5 best Plagiarism Checker Tools for Students in 2022

Before submitting any assignment, the students must check for plagiarism in it. Due to the tough competition and short deadlines, many students do smart work and copy-paste the same thing from the internet. It may have a very bad effect on your reputation.

Besides this, plagiarism is disliked by the google search engine. No matter whether the plagiarism is intentional or unintentional, if it is caught in your assignment, you may face serious consequences.

Due to the workload and short time, it has become very difficult for the students, especially to manage time.

If we write an assignment, then proofread it to remove the plagiarized content from it, it will take a lot of time and effort. Besides this, there are still possibilities of plagiarism. It is because the human eye can't catch all the mistakes.

Plagiarism checkers tools have made it easy for the students as well as digital content creators to remove duplicated content from their work without any waste of time. The best thing about plagiarism checker tools is that they give 100 % accurate results.

Here we will discuss the top 5 plagiarism checker tools for the students in 2022.


This is the number one and the top-quality tool used by most of the students. It scans the file with all the data available on the search engine. This tool also identifies the type of plagiarism your file contains.

Following are some amazing features of this tool

Chrome extension provides you with the chrome extension. That means you are offered a google chrome extension so you can check plagiarism online.

Support multiple languages

If your content is written in another language than English, you don't have to fear it. This tool can also check duplicate content in dutch, French, and many other languages.

Generates report

After checking the entire document and scanning the copied content, it also generates a report that can be downloaded in PDF and HTML format.

Assure the safety of content

This tool assures you of the safety of the content. the file you upload on the tool is completely secure. After you are done scanning the document, the file is automatically deleted from the page.



This is one of the most used duplicate checker tools. It scans the whole document thoroughly and removes plagiarism.

This top-quality plagiarism tool has modern algorithms that detect every copied phrase and remove it. In this way, we can make our content 100% plagiarism free without wasting time.

Here are some features of softo.org

The best feature of this tool is that it supports and upkeeps multiple files at a time. users can upload files directly and check for plagiarism in them.

Deep examine

When the text is uploaded on this tool, it scans the document deeply and highlights the copied phrases. The user can remove the duplicated lines and make them unique.

Provide the source of plagiarism

Besides highlighting the plagiarized content in your essay, this tool also provides the source from which the content was taken. You can visit the website and make your content different from that.



This is the second-best tool that helps students detect mistakes. Sometimes, there can be accidental plagiarism in the content. even after paraphrasing the text, the duplicating lines remain there. It can cause serious problems later.

This is an amazing duplicate detector that identifies mistakes, removes plagiarized lines, and makes the content distinctive.

Following are some features of seowagon.com

Upload documents

This tool allows you to upload your files directly. Just select the file that needs to be checked and then upload it. This tool facilitates its users by selecting the file in any format i.e., pdf, doc, and text.

Percentage graph

After examining the complete folder, it removes the copied content. after this, t provides a graph that tells an estimated percentage of exclusive content in the document.

Helps to improve the content

This tool helps to achieve the desired task without any exertion. Removing all the plagiarism makes the content unique. This will Ultimately help in up ranking your websites.



this is another tool used by most of the young generation. Mostly the web writers and students who have to perform research have a very short period. They are required to submit the assignment within a swift turnaround.

This software scans all of the webs within a matter of seconds and then matches the document with similar documents all around the world. It has a very fast service.

Here we will dive deep to know some features of this tool

Simple interphase

This tool has very unpretentious interphase. Due to its up-to-date and latest features, it is very easy to use. All you need to do is just select the file and upload it to remove duplicate content from it.

Safe to use

One of the best features of this tool is that it is very safe to use. Mostly, people use online tools because they are worried about their confidential documents. This tool is completely secure.



This is another tool used by writers, bloggers, teachers, and students. It is a web-based program that helps in detecting the plagiarized paragraphs and also provides the source from which it is taken. This helps the users to eradicate the identical lines or cite the source of it.

Following are some features of paperrater.com

Additional filters

This tool provides you with some additional filters other than the plagiarism checker. It can also detect grammatical mistakes, checks the spelling, and improve text style and word choice. These additional features make it more demanding.

Free of use

This tool is free of cost. You don't have to pay for it. All the features are free to use. Users don't have to register. You can use it online directly


Bottom lines

To get high ranks whether you are a student or a digital content creator, it is necessary to put 100% effort into your projects.

Google only prefers influential and informative content. So, you have to make sure that your content is not plagiarized.

The above-mentioned duplicate detecting tools help in making the content exclusive and make your content unique without wasting time and efforts.