5 Best Programming Courses to learn for Students in 2022

5 Best Programming Courses to learn for Students in 2022

Coding is considered one of the most prospective fields to get educated in. In the post-pandemic world, the need for more IT experts in both the back-end and front-end workplaces has become very clear. With good salaries and significant possibilities for growth, career development, and income increase, coding is the go-to career for many. If you are a coding beginner, read on and find out where you can learn how to code online and for free.

Where Can I Learn Coding Online?

The story has been told a million times before. You love observing, are analytical, and can digest a lot of information in no time. But writing is a horrendous task that you do not like. Luckily, you can delegate your writing assignments to Trusted Essay Reviews and focus on what you do like: coding and learning how to do it. Here are the top best programming courses to learn for students:

  1. Coursera: C and C++ Specialization,
  2. Coursera: programming with Python,
  3. Codecademy: Coding Foundations,
  4. Codecademy: Learn How to Code, and
  5. BitDegree: Coding for Beginners (HTML and CSS).

Coursera: C and C++ Specialization

Coursera is famous for a vast number of free online courses that you can take in pretty much any field you like. The era of courses is there for us all to benefit from and learn as much as we can while at it. This specialization consists of 4 different courses and is intended to provide a wider array of knowledge for the Beginner + level for the rising job market.

Coursera: programming with Python

Python enables real-time data analysis. This coding course enables you to write your first code in Python and get to know the basics behind this powerful tool. The course is actually an entire specialization module and enables anyone and everyone to start working on their coding skills. Data structures, web data access, and databases are just some of the topics covered.

Codecademy: Coding Foundations

If you think your technical vocabulary needs expansion, you’re probably right. With so much going on in the IT and coding world, staying on top often means relearning what has been learned before as well as unlearning some old skills and solutions which simply do not work anymore. This course enables you to learn code foundations in as little as two weeks, and it involves working on your technical vocabulary and learning basic programming elements and structures.

Codecademy: Learn How to Code

"Learn how to code" is a basic course, which should take no more than eight hours to complete. Intended for beginners, the course is perfect for everybody who wants to start learn coding. The 3 + 7 lesson outlay is simple enough for anyone to follow and presents a real accomplishment for anyone who has no previous knowledge of coding itself.

BitDegree: Coding for Beginners (HTML and CSS)

BitDegree offers a 17-lesson course on coding for beginners. The recommended pace of learning involves a lesson a day and is perfect for beginners looking to expand the little knowledge they have. With this course, you will understand HTML and CSS basics, will be able to make your own web pages, and much more.


Final Considerations

Coding goes hand in hand with the latest developments in the job market. With millions of jobs being directly or indirectly connected to coding or depending on it in one way or another, the future is sure to provide more workplaces related to the field. With our top 5 coding courses for students in 2022, you are sure to start riding the wave early enough.

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