5 reasons to become a web developer

With plenty of career choices in the world, choosing what to do for living is not an easy decision. A healthy career comes out of finding the intersection of market demand and what you love to do. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a web developer, you should know what is the future of web and web developer. Pursuing a new career is a big decision, so it’s important to do your research. Here is the best 5 reasons to become a web developer -

1. No college degree required - To become a web developer, no need to sit in a class room learning outdated or unnecessary material. Instead you can teach yourself the latest technologies for free with resources like Codecademy, W3School, Tutorials Point. And there have lot of forums and open source community, which can help you sharpen your skills.

2. Work independently - Being a good team player is an essential skill required to be a part of any organization, but when it comes to starting a private business or wanting to earn some extra money in addition to your full time job, being able to work alone is equally important and a huge benefit. As a web developer, you can create web applications, web sites, themes, and many more digital products which you can easily monetize. You may sell your works on many freelancer sites, or create WordPress themes and earn some extra money by working an hour or two in the afternoons at your home.

3. Become an entrepreneur and start a business - Build your skill set and hire yourself! You could become a freelancer and be your own boss. If you have that burning entrepreneural spirit within you, learning to code will not only allow you to be able to manisfest all your ideas YOURSELF, you also won't have to look for, rely on, or spend any money on a technical founder.

4. Develop Mobile Applications With Web Development Skills - Web development has evolved over the years, and with that, the support to browsers as well. In current days, you may easily pack a web application as a mobile application and publish it in Apple AppStore, Google PlayStore, or any other mobile app market. The user interfaces may often be very similar to native applications and may create a full featured mobile app with plain web development skills, thus allowing yourself access to a huge market and business opportunities.

5. Work from anywhere - Freedom is the number one reason to learn to code. You don't have to be tied down to the physical location of a job if you don't want to. The internet is everywhere. You're laptop is portable. The idea of being able to take a trip somewhere at the spur of a moment and still be able to make money and get important work done is very appealing to me.

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