5 Simple Bits of Advice to Get the Hang of Instagram for Business

5 Simple Bits of Advice to Get the Hang of Instagram for Business

Roughly one billion people use Instagram, and approximately 90% of them follow at least one business. As a result, it has become an increasingly important medium for businesses. As the platform continuously introduces new business-specific features, there may be no better time than now to build or strengthen your company's Instagram presence.

Naturally, with so many updates of new tools, features, and tips in the app, it can be a lot to keep track of everything. Still, we can assure you that you can follow our five simple bits of advice to master your presence on the platform and build an audience that falls in love with your content.

#1 Optimize Your Profile

While there is no perfect way to build your profile, there are a few principles, based on Instagram's best practices, that you need to adopt:

  • Your account name should be your business name, same as your brand's other social profiles.
  • The username should also be your business name.
  • Your profile photo should be your company logo so people can quickly identify your brand.
  • The only clickable link on your Instagram page should be your website.
  • Your bio is the place where you capture the attention of other users. Here you can describe your business, link your website, and put your brand's tagline.

There is plenty of room to get creative about how you craft your Instagram profile. However, keep in mind that your profile should go hand in hand with your branding.

#2 Be Active and Prioritize Organic Growth

Make sure you share alluring content with your followers daily and reply to their comments. If you stop posting regularly, your followers will not get the value they need from you and unfollow your profile, as a result. More importantly, prioritize quality engagement. To achieve that, follow accounts from collaborators or competitors that have interests or clientele similar to yours, leave a few comments where appropriate, and repost customer success stories. Then monitor your campaign by using a media monitoring tool to see if your engagement is growing.

Above all, you need to unfollow anybody who is not enriching your Instagram experience and community in any way. However, be strategic with your follow unfollow decisions, as the platform offers plenty of features to help you optimize its functionality, improve your user experience, and boost organic growth.

#3 Use Niche Hashtags for Better Reach

Hashtags are paramount on Instagram as they act as a search function to find relevant followers and brands. They help make a post searchable and are a pretty helpful element of your social media marketing strategy. So, to drive results for your business page, you need to use a variety of hashtags from different popular categories and specific hashtags where your audience is spending time.

Similarly, if you want to attract an audience in your area, you should consider using location-specific hashtags. Some of the already proven hashtag best practices include:

  • Use two or three hashtags at most;
  • Invent your own hashtag;
  • Keep using trending hashtags;
  • Take part in hashtag memes; and
  • Hashtags work best with public accounts.

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#4 Leverage Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories come in a slideshow format and are only live for 24-hours. However, you can have them added to your profile as highlights that show up after the disappearance of the original story.

Stories are beneficial because they are prominently visible at the top of the followers' timelines and are more discoverable due to locations and hashtags. In addition, you can use them to capture content like behind-the-scenes, use product stickers to promote specific products, use question stickers to hear from your audience, send them as a DM, and so much more.

#5 Promote Your Instagram Profile

Another simple tip to master your Instagram for business is to keep promoting your page for further growth. One way to do that is by using paid campaigns to promote your products, create leads and expand your presence on the platform. Also, make sure you share your Instagram link on all other social media you have, on your company's website, on your emails, and on your business cards.

Ultimately, connect and start cooperation with influencers to help you steer their followers towards your profile. However, keep in mind that you need to find influencers relevant to your brand and ones that speak to your audience.

The Bottom Line

Instagram is one of the most expressive social media platforms with an active and ever-growing user base. Because of this, it has proven to be a staple of social marketing for every business, including yours. Hence, if you want your brand to tell a visual story and grow a base of dedicated followers and customers, start using our pieces of advice today.