Mon Nov 01 2021

5 Simple Tips To Care For Your Laptop Battery

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Tips to take care of your laptop battery

Laptops are one of the most indispensable resources in one’s lives and have been proven to be the digital best friend for man in the current generation. Most colleges and jobs demand the owning and full operation of laptops by the student and the professional and therefore made it extremely important to own and operate a laptop from the very beginning.

Laptops have changed shapes and sizes but one thing remains the same - the laptop battery and charger. Purchasing a laptop charger online gives the user an additional spare charger usability for their laptop and helps in preventing a complete drain of the laptop battery. It helps in making sure that one can always be on the move without actually having to depend on anything but just a laptop charger.

Laptop Batteries

Before one can learn how to take care of a laptop battery, one must understand the facts about a laptop battery. Most laptop batteries are made from a combination of chemicals and metals.

The earlier batteries that laptops in the older generation had, used to run on Nickel based batteries which used heavy metals that are neither good for the environment, nor good for the laptop as such.

Nickel Cadmium batteries were the norm for a long time which was one of the earliest and the longest running battery types. Since it suffered from a lot of flaws, it was slowly replaced by Nickel Metal Hydride batteries that used no Cadmium, making it easier to maintain and easier on the environment as well.

Both NI-Cd and NiMH batteries suffered memory effects that made them discharge in an odd and inefficient manner. They were also heavier to carry and had heavy metals that were bad for the environment.

Thankfully, Lithium Ion batteries were invented that were the best and the safest replacement to Nickel based batteries and are currently the new norm in the industry. They are lighter, safer for the environment and have an ignorable memory effect making it the best alternative so far.

Taking Care of Laptop Battery

Laptop Batteries need to be taken good care of so as to make the laptop last much longer. A good laptop charger that is most compatible with the battery is sent by the manufacturer when a laptop is bought. An additional purchase of Laptop Charger Online can be very helpful for those who use their laptops excessively and are on the move everyday with their laptops.

Below are 5 easy tips to ensure a good battery life for the laptop:

  1. Maintain healthy charging - Experts recommend charging the laptop just enough, do not let it go below 40, nor let it go above 80. Stay in the recommended 40-80% battery range.
  2. Never run through to 0 - Never let the battery run out entirely and reach 0, as this can significantly harm the battery life.
  3. Keep ventilated - Make sure the laptop is stored and used in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight, between 27 to 32 degrees celsius is the recommended temperature to let the laptop be used or rested in.
  4. Replace when it's time - When the health of the battery falls below 80%, ensure that the battery is replaced so as to prevent the laptop from getting damaged.
  5. Never let it overheat - If the laptop is plugged and running hot, it can harm the battery severely. Ensure the laptop cools down before it is used again.

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