7 Digital Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

Enabling Visibility Affordably, And Effectively

Proper digital marketing should make your business more visible, and it shouldn’t be more expensive than is profitable. You’re looking for, at minimum, a 2 to 1 Return On Investment (ROI) rate. If you spent $100, you should be getting $200 back.

Ideally, you want to see five times the return for your investment. $100 in marketing should produce $500 in returns for a $400 profit. That’s a good target to shoot for, and it is achievable; but it will require streamlining outreach techniques using statistical analyses, and professional experience from successful marketing groups.

SMBs should be able to see 5:1 returns with small but strategic marketing moves. For larger businesses, there are going to be levels of return which are associated with your existing market footprint; but if you’re not in expansion, you’re in contraction. Business is an obligate ram ventilation, like a great white shark. They swim to breathe, you profit to survive.

Following we’ll briefly explore seven key tactics in digital marketing that will work; the question is which of these works best for you. Now these require effort, and they require dedication, and they require consistency. Also, some of these will work better for your particular business than others; so experiment a little. With that in mind, consider the following.

7 Digital Marketing Strategies

1. Use Multiple Social Media Channels

Facebook is a good social media channel (provided you’re ideologically homogeneous in respect to state-authorized content), so also is Twitter (with the same proviso). However, these aren’t the only social media ``games” in town. You’re stifling yourself if you work with these and these alone.

Additional social media avenues include LinkedIn, which is fine for professional outreach. If you’re going to play around with social media that isn’t mainstream, look into MeWe, explore Parler, see what’s going on with Gab, try to make a group in Telegram, and keep your finger on the pulse of FrankSpeech, as Lindell’s symposium is making waves.

There’s also Pinterest, Reddit, Minds.com, YouTube, Rumble, Vimeo, Snapchat, Instagram, and countless others. What makes sense is looking for what are effectively Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions where you can update everything simultaneously across social media channels. Just assure posts aren’t longer than 280 characters, link to your site, and have images.

2. Co-Opt Social Media For Specific Outreach Goals

So it’s one thing to blast out the same message across all social media channels. It’s quite another to use specific channels for specific outreach messages. Now there’s a fine little “hack” for this. You use the social media platforms of personnel on-site. One of your employees has a “fire” twitter account, the other impacts thousands on Facebook.

Between the two, you’ll have twenty or thirty potential customers who fit demographics. Reaching them will result in conversions that overcome work costs lost from your employees playing around on social media. There is this to consider, though: their personal ideology and your business may not align.

There are two approaches for this situation. One, you strictly control what employees can post on private accounts. That’s a great way to irritate them into resigning. Two, you don’t worry about their accounts at all, and trust that hurricanes in teacups don’t do much damage. I.E., it doesn’t matter if someone gets bent out of shape, it will blow over—just don’t give in.

Another option is simply working with a media marketing professional on specific accounts designed for the express purpose of digital marketing. The only downside is, people don’t like online ads any more than they liked advertisement catalogues in their mailbox, and they’ll likely throw them out. That’s why working with “natural” social media accounts is smart.

3. Be Consistent In Brand Message And Content Creation

Whatever social media avenues you use, it’s important to be consistent with both the brand message you impart to potential customers, and how often you produce content. You’re looking to become a regular feature of their daily “grind”, as it were—at least as much as there is a “grind” digitally speaking.

4. Work With A Professional Solution

Professional options like this full-service digital marketing agency can save time, money, and frustration as you go about developing digital outreach best practices. Instead of spending money in experimental market forays, you simply co-opt known best practices which are updated as necessary by an agency who has a prerogative around remaining contemporary.

5. Explore SEO And PPC

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) make it possible for you to lean on separate outreach streams. SEO tends to work better because it’s more all-encompassing, but large enough businesses may prefer PPC. Some businesses incorporate both.

6. Images, Video, And Infographics: The Visual Element

There was a Time Magazine article a few years back which said goldfish and people have comparable attention spans. True or not, you need to arrest the attention of potential customers very quickly. Images, videos, and infographics tend to do just that.

Digital Marketing

7. Design Content To Stimulate Discussion

This one is risky, but it works. What makes you visible? Humor, sensuality, and infamy. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Well, if you get embroiled in some sort of political controversy that goes viral, you may not even have to pay for marketing to be visible to millions. This could be positive or negative press; so be careful.

Getting The Visibility You Need

Content that stimulates discussion, visual marketing, SEO, PPC, professional digital marketers, consistency in brand message as well as content production, co-opting social media appropriately, and using multiple outreach channels all represent worthwhile digital marketing strategies.
Regardless of your business, at least some of these strategies should work for your operation. Get a little consultation, and go with what best represents your needs.

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