8 best server side programming languages for web development

8 best server side programming languages for web development

When we say the word internet, the first thing come in our mind is the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is the central part of the Information Age and also the primary tool for billions of people to interact on the Internet. Web pages and hyperlinks are the primary part of the WWW.

When you hit a URL in your browser, lots of code is at work to bring a page to your screen. Behind the scenes, there has a server-side script on the web server that connect database with front-end and the browser to bring a user requested page with a smooth user-friendly experience.

There have many server-side scripting languages out there to deliver best possible outcomes. In this geek story we'll list 8 most popular and best server-side languages. Here we go -


PHP is the most popular server-side language on the web. It is an HTML-embedded scripting language, which used to form dynamic web pages. PHP was designed for the web to pull and edit information in the database. The open source nature make it popular among startup business, media agencies and e-commerce.


With the fewer lines of code, Python is the fastest growing language and widely accepted in the web market. It's simplicity and readability makes it great for beginners. Python backs up many programming paradigms such as OOPs, structured programming, and even functional programming. A lot of web developers are using this language as a result of its flexibility and the broad range of application.


Java comes with a huge ecosystem of add-on software components. Java is the gold standard in web development around the world. It's object oriented, class based and works on any platform, making it extremely versatile. It's excellent for enterprise-level applications, high-traffic sites, and Android apps.


Ruby is a scalable, simple and super fast for your server that offers a full stack language and framework to build full programs and web apps. It helps to create a complicated logic on the database side of your site. The language effectively balances vital programming with functional programming. It's a favorite among entrepreneurs and startups, and has a wide selection of third-party add-ons that can make it do pretty much whatever you need it to.


C# is considered to be a multi-paradigm programming language. The language of Microsoft's .NET framework, is the most popular framework on the web. It combines productivity and versatility by blending the best aspects of the C and C++ languages. It includes imperative, functional, generic, object-oriented and component-oriented programming disciplines.


C++ is a general purpose, object oriented, high-powered language that works well for data-heavy sites. Especially useful for high performance programs and template-heavy programs. Speed is a central part of C++, and it runs well alongside with Java and Python.


Perl is a well acknowledged language in the web development field. It presents unique tools for different vague setbacks such as system programming. Perl is an interpreted script language and compilable into a dual executable or platform-compatible Bytecode.


Go is a newcomer to the scene. It is a Google's dedicated programming language for excellent integration, good readability and ease of use, and also able to solve a lot of problems that other languages can't. It is very useful for creating web apps.

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