Artificial Intelligence will create a better future or destroy it?

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is the process of making a machine to think and take a decision based on the situation similar like human intelligence. In the last few years, we have seen a slew of surprising advances in AI fields. All the tech giants are trying to build their own advanced AI system.

AI is Good or bad


Positive side

Today, AI machines can do some very beneficial things that humans will simply never be able to. With the advancement of virtual assistants, IBM supercomputer Watson, Alpha Go, Open AI, self-driving cars and many more projects are forced AI to be the next big thing of the future.

Around 200 years ago the industrial revolution immutably remoulded society. Today another revolution is underway with potentially even further reaching consequences.

Artificial intelligence promises to give machines the ability to think analytically. Once they are perfected, nothing will be the same. AI will change everything from healthcare to education, poverty to security. AI could positively impact society, business, and culture on the order of magnitude of the internet itself.


Negative side

However, this speeding progress of AI, creates a major concern. Many people afraid that in the future robots will eat up their jobs and leaving ordinary workers impoverished and unemployed.




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