Best 11 Firefox tools that help web developers

Top 11 Firefox add-ons for a web developerFirefox is one of the most popular web browsers in the world, which is accessible by the billions of people across the globe to surf the web, check their email and watch their favorite videos. This open-source browser also very useful for web developers. If you are a web developer then Firefox and its add-ons are speed up your development process and save your valuable time.

Here are the 11 highly recommended, top-notch Firefox add-ons for front-end web developers -

Web Developer

The Web Developer Firefox add-on is a kind of web design tools included with most useful functions that will help you to design web and perform tasks more efficiently. It displays as a toolbar towards the top of the browser, presenting you with various menus such as CSS, Resize and Cookies.

Ember Inspector

Ember Inspector is used for debugging the Firefox Browser itself. It can change the color of the URL bar or for instance, change the curve of the tabs with non-persistent results. Ember Inspector is a great tool for Developer or if just want to test out your changes.


WebIDE allows you to create, edit, test or debug web apps by running them on the Firefox OS simulator. If you are creating a new web app, it also creates a basic app boilerplate or a more complete boilerplate for you along with a proper directory structure. WebIDE also allows you to connect Firefox Devtools to many other web browsers such as Safari, Firefox and Chrome.


Video and audio encoding for Firefox. With Firefogg you can encode most media files to Ogg and WebM. Firefogg also provides an API to integrate encoding into the upload process.

ColorZilla and Eyedropper Tool

These tools provide an advanced eyedropper, color picker, gradient generator feature and other colorful goodies. The web designers frequently work with color. The add-on includes a color picker (much like the one you see in Photoshop) and an eyedropper tool which helps you to know the hexadecimal value of any color in a web page so that you can create a sample and identify the colors used on any web page.


Firebug is an open source add-on which gives web designers powerful tools for inspecting and debugging a web design. It can help you to figure out what CSS styles affect certain elements if you're having trouble with a style rule that doesn't seem to render properly, inspect the document object model to learn about the structure of the web page, determine attributes such as color, width, height of HTML elements and much more. If you were to ask any web designer or web developer that what Firefox add-on they can't live without, maximum chances are they'll say Firebug.


To taking screenshots in the browser is a common task for web designers. A screengrab is a simple tool for taking full-page or partial-page screenshots. You can copy the screenshot to your clipboard, or save it to your hard drive as an image file.

CSS Inspector

CSS Inspector is an extension that allows you to reload all the CSS of any site without reloading the page itself. It works by identifying the CSS you use and don't use, pointing out what unnecessary parts can be removed to keep your CSS files as lightweight as possible.


Scratchpad can be used to run clusters of javascript code and edit, run and examine the results. With the Scratchpad you can work with larger chunks of code executing it in various ways depending on how you want to use the output. You can open the Scratchpad by pressing Shift + F4.

FoxyProxy Standard

FoxyProxy is an advanced proxy management tool that completely replaces Firefox’s limited proxying capabilities. It offers more features than SwitchProxy, ProxyButton, QuickProxy, xyzproxy, ProxyTex, TorButton, etc.


If you are viewing contains any external js/CSS files, an icon will appear that says “SS”, “JS”, or both. Each individual file can then be viewed by clicking on the filename. The file will be opened in a new window.



Firefox also offers a developer version of its powerful browser that provides a wide array of inbuilt tools for creating, debugging, performance monitoring, debugging the browser and extending the DevTools themselves. But these are not the only tools available for the developer, there are plenty of Firefox add-ons at your disposal that can extend the browser's core functionality. So, we hope that the introduction of the above-mentioned tools will help you in your daily web development works.

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