Best Android Apps to Learn Programming or Coding

Best Android Apps to Learn Programming or Coding

In today’s world, building a career in coding or programming is super easy. All you need to do is get on the internet. Once you begin searching, you will find free and paid resources. The content you get can help you learn and improve your skills. With time, dedication, and practice, you will eventually become an expert programmer. There are also some easy-to-use apps you can install on your phone and start learning to code today. As such, this article presents the best Android apps you can use to learn programming or coding.

Programming Hub

Many learners prefer to use Programming Hub when learning to code. Why? Because this application has several options for beginners. In addition, there are about 2,000 programs you can run using several languages. Some programming languages offered by Programming Hub include:

  • HTML;
  • CSS;
  • JavaScript;
  • Python.

Unlike many apps, Programming Hub lets you practice in online and offline mode. As a result, you may keep learning even if you do not have access to the internet.

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Codemurai is the ideal app for learners who travel and are new to programming. In particular, a large portion of the lessons you take is delivered by specialists in the programming industry. Therefore, you will be exposed to high-quality instruction in web, app, and game development. In addition, you will practice with languages such as Angular 2, TypeScript, React, Java, and much more. After practice, you may partake in quizzes and challenges, which help to consolidate what you have learned.


SoloLearn is another great Android coding application. In particular, this software is ideal for beginners who want to learn coding coming from other nontechnical disciplines. As a free tool, this app is growing rapidly. You can learn more than 10 languages using the platform. In addition, you have access to about 1,000 topics covering various aspects of coding. As you proceed, the difficulty level of the learning process changes over three steps.

SoloLearn also has a section with interactive quizzes. These tests are designed to encourage retention. Furthermore, you may compete with other learners.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another application that lets you discover programming without paying a thing. It also has one of the largest programming databases out there. Once on the platform, you will have the option to scroll through hundreds of articles. Nonetheless, the process of finding the right material can be challenging for a beginner.


Encode is a good software for learners who do not have a lot of time to learn. This application delivers learning in a precise and concise manner. You will have access to a code editor powered by JavaScript. You can also use it to run commands in CSS and HTML directly on your smart devices while travelling or in your office.


If you are looking for an app for kids, Lightbot is your answer. This app presents coding in a simple, interactive, and exciting way. Therefore, a child can quickly grasp the most important aspects of coding through gaming. This app challenges their brain and improves cognitive ability. In general, you can access many levels in the game for free. However, you will need to pay to access all the levels.


There are various Android apps for learning programming and coding. This article presents the best applications, bet there are so many more great apps and learning resources for coders for you to explore. Generally, these apps are free but may require a subscription to access all their content. Find a few apps you like and start learning programming today!

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Joanne Elliot is a talented writer and aspiring coder. As such, she is an expert in several fields, which include coding and programming. Joanne also works with children of different ages to teach them about skill building.

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