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8 Best Angular Chart Libraries

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8 Best Angular Chart Libraries

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based front-end framework for building web applications. It offers a comprehensive platform for creating user interfaces, including directives, filters, controllers, and services.

Data binding, routing, and dependency injection make AngularJS an ideal platform for developing web applications.

AngularJS chart libraries are an important part of this platform, and finding the best Angular chart library for your project can make development faster and easier.

AngularJS chart libraries make it easy to create charts that display data visually appealingly. Here are the top 8 Angular chart library choices for developers of all skill levels to take into account.

What Are Angular Frameworks And Libraries, And Why Do We Need Them?

Frameworks are collections of code that make it easier to build web applications. They include everything from a basic structure to more specific features, such as authentication and data management. Libraries are smaller collections of code that we can use on their own or with other libraries.

An Angular UI comprises components, which are small pieces of code that we can reuse in different parts of your app. Using an Angular library can make it easier to create and manage your components. Customizing your components can also be a lot faster than creating them from scratch.

Why Is A Chart Library Important?

A chart library provides a comprehensive set of directives, filters, and controllers to create charts. This allows you to easily create charts that look and feel consistent across your application. A chart library can provide pre-built charts you can use in your applications.

An Angular UI chart library is a great way to increase the consistency and usability of your charts. These libraries provide a set of directives and filters that make it easy to create charts that look good and perform well.

Angular Chart

What Are The Best Angular Chart Libraries?

Here are the 8 best Angular chart libraries:

1. FusionCharts

FusionCharts offers a wide range of features, including support for data binding, charts generation, and animation. It also has a well-documented API, making it easy to create custom charts.

Not only is FusionCharts a great chart library, but it also has a lot of features for data analysis. For example, you can plot data distributions, compare data sets, and create charts for data visualization.

2. PrimeNG


PrimeNG is a powerful and flexible Angular library for charting. It offers a wide range of features, including support for various chart types, date and time formatting, legend positioning, and data binding. PrimeNG is also very easy to use, making it a superb choice for beginner developers. One drawback of Prime NG is that the data binding feature is not as powerful as some of the other libraries on this list.

3. ngx-f2


For mobile-friendly charts, ngx-f2 is a great choice. It offers a variety of features, including support for responsive design, automatic data binding, and drag-and-drop chart creation. ngx-f2 also has a robust API, making it easy to integrate into your own applications. One downside of ngx-f2 is that it is not as powerful as some of the other libraries on this list.

4. DevExtreme


With a lot of charting options, DevExtreme is a powerful library. It offers support for a wide range of chart types, including bar, line, pie, and radar charts. DevExtreme also offers a variety of customization options, including colors, titles, and axes.

However, DevExtreme is not the easiest library to use. The website doesn’t provide a lot of help, and the documentation is sparse.

5. Wijmo


Wijmo is a chart library that offers a wide range of chart types, including line, bar, pie, doughnut, and scatter plots. It also offers support for a variety of data visualization options, including drill down and filtering.

Wijmo is lightweight and easy to use, but it can be slow when loading large datasets. This library also doesn’t offer a lot of customization options compared to other options.

6. AdminPro Angular Template

AdminPro Angular

AdminPro Angular Template is a comprehensive AngularJS chart library. It offers a wide range of features, including charting, data binding, animations, and more. If you want to make an admin-based application, this is the library you need.

One drawback of this library is that it is sometimes difficult to find documentation. Some serving errors may also occur.

7. ngx-bootstrap

This Angular UI library provides a comprehensive set of components for building responsive and interactive web applications. It includes components for charts, data grids, pagination, and more. However, ngx-bootstrap may not be the best choice for Python developers because of the slow performance of its components.

8. Onsen UI for Angular

Onsen UI for Angular

Onsen UI for Angular is a comprehensive library for creating beautiful charts with AngularJS. It is lightweight and automatic, making it easy to create charts with no hard coding. However, migrating your existing charts to Onsen UI can be a challenge.

How Do You Choose The Right Angular Chart Library?

Many Angular chart libraries are available, so deciding which one to use is challenging. These are the things to consider when selecting an Angular chart library:

1. Architecture

The architecture of a chart library can affect how quickly and easily you can create and customize your charts. Some chart libraries are built on top of the AngularJS framework, while others are built using a different framework.

2. Charting Features

From basic charting features, such as data visualization, to more advanced features, such as interactive charts and animation, choose a chart library that offers what you need.

3. Performance

The faster a chart library is, the faster you can create and customize your charts. Slow-performing chart libraries can cause delays in your app.

4. Support

Make sure to choose a chart library that has a good support community. If you have questions or problems, the community should be able to help you out.

5. Extensibility

Choose a chart library that allows you to customize and extend its functionality. This will give you more control over how your charts look and work.

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