Best Angular tools that increase your productivity

Angular tools to increase your productivity

Angular is a front-end structural framework for dynamic web app development. It utilizes HTML as a template language and it extends to define an application's components. Whether you are using versions 2, 4 or 5, it provides several useful tools to make your life much easier. But, it's important to know about the necessary tools. That's why we are going to show a list of Angular tools that you might want to consider.

Let's take a look at the list -


LumX is a responsive front-end tool that’s based on Google’s Material Design specifications and Angular. It’s built on Sass, Bourbon, and Neat, with just a bit of jQuery and it provides assistance to you in creating a simple and elegant application in a fast and easy manner.

Angular CLI

Angular CLI helps you create a new project, new components, services, directives, guards among others without much work. It helps you build your application so that you can run it on a browser or for deployment. During this process, it will remove unnecessary code, remove comments and minify the project to make it lightweight. It will also detect errors on your code and let you correct them. is a tool that introduces mentions and macros widget with no dependencies on jQuery. The directive is applied to any element that accepts selectable text input and exposes a ngModel. The directive watches the ngModel of the element for changes. If the user enters a sequence of non-whitespace characters starting with a trigger character, a typeahead menu appears.


Restangular can help make the usage of getting, delete, update and post data requests easier. Some features that set Restangular, are HTTP method support, self-linking element, promises usage and many more. It is ideal for any Web App consuming data from RESTful API.

Yarn Package Manager

Yarn is a package manager developed by Facebook for speed and is supported by Angular CLI. Package managers make it easier to manage project dependencies. It will handle adding, updating and removing project dependencies.


Videogular is the futuristic HTML5 player for Angular JS. It is a video Application framework for the desktop and mobile, powered by Angular. Extended features include Cue Point to bind the properties and trigger the functions. Directives are bindable, Plugins, theme support and mobile support, which are required in this era.

Angular GetText

This works as a magic stick for the developers as it provides translation support for Angular. we can easily convert any language using this tool like a test in English can easily convert into the browser or local language.


It is a chrome extension that inspects your application on the web browser. It’s only available for Google Chrome and any other browser which supports chrome extension. It's mostly used for debugging and profiling Angular applications. Augury helps to visualize the application through component trees and visual debugging tools. Developers get immediate insight into their application structure, change detection and performance characteristics.


WebStorm is a powerful Angular development tool for coding. Built by JetBrains as an IDE, WebStorm comes with a pre-installed Dart plugin. A very intriguing feature that WebStorm offers is you can show your code going live without needing to visit or refresh your page. WebStorm is a perfect live editorial manager that is suited for CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.


Angular UI is a collection of UI components built with Angular. Its utility directives help you build Angular applications faster. Instead of widgets. Angular UI uses raw directives like UI-router, UI-map, UI-calendar etc.


Djangular is a reusable tool, providing better app integration with Angular. With the help of this tool, you can create Angular content per app. It allows you to selectively use apps per site, as well as create a consistent structure across all of your Django apps.


If you need tables in your web application, the kind that can be sorted and filtered, then ngTable is the tool you are looking for. It also supports variable row heights and great pagination capabilities.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a proprietary cross-platform source code editor for prose, markup, and code. It has a Python application-programming interface. You get a split screen editing support, this helps in editing files side by side or editing two locations in one single file. The customizable code snippet support with AngularJS bundle to enable working with Angular makes Sublime Text a complete solution for providing AngularJS development services.


It’s a graphical user interface tool that reverses engineers your existing angular project and helps you view details about the project. It allows you to navigate in the structure of your application and observe the relationship between the different modules, providers, and directives. ngRev performs static code analysis, that means you don’t have to run your application to use it.


Angular 4 primarily uses typescript for development and compiled it to JavaScript to run on the web browser. So, it's necessary to have a good typescript tool to develop angular apps while eliminating much guesswork. And VSCode handles typescript pretty well. It provides error detection, correction, and code formatting.

Angular Gettext

Angular-Gettext is a superb Angular module for super-easy localization. The key features are you can translate your web app as easy as adding an attribute. It lets you focus on your app development and leave all translations to Angular-Gettext.

TypeScript Hero

Now you no longer have to manually import types in TypeScript. TypeScript Hero automatically imports the types for you as you write code. When pasting some code from somewhere else, you can also add all the missing import statements. It allows you to sort and remove the unused import statements. You also get code completion and several other useful features.

Move TS

With Move TS, you can simply move files/folders around and this will automatically update your import statements.

TypeScript Snippets

It gives you a bunch of code snippets that allow you to quickly generate code. There are snippets for creating a component, service, directive, etc. It gives you some useful HTML snippets as well.


Codelyzer is a static analysis tool for angular 2 typescript project. You can even run static code analysis on your web applications. Some of the popular rules are directive selector name prefix, component selector name prefix and Do not use the @Attribute decorator.


These are just some of the tools that can enhance your development experience. If you know about any useful tool that we left out, please share with us in comments. Thank you!

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