Best Educational Linux Distros in 2022

Best Educational Linux Distros in 2022

The Linux distro operating system (OS) has several benefits for students and educators. In addition, there are several Linux distros used for education. As operating systems, these applications are easy to use. Such OSes are accessible to many and affordable to purchase. In this article, you will learn about the best education Linux distros in 2022.

AcademiX GNU/Linux

AcademiX GNU/Linux is an operating system ideal for the development of unique learning workstations. In addition, this OS has several handy features:

  • It is lightweight.
  • It is fast.
  • It includes an EDU application manager.
  • It has a Debian base.

However, this application does not come with preinstalled learning apps. As such, you will have to use the EDU application manager to install the apps you want to use. In addition, the EDU manager offers a categorization into subjects and ages. Students can get access to biology, astronomy, genetics, languages, general science, and more.

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DebianEdu/Skolelinux comes preinstalled with various applications. In addition, it has a large community of developers and users, and you get access to a terminal server. Beyond learning apps, this system also comes with many desktop apps.

Through the terminal server, educators and institutions can get a system developed to meet their needs. This OS allows for the installation of workstations, electronic labs, and more. If you are stuck and require assistance, you can easily find help via community support.


If you want to start learning quickly, UberMix might be your answer. This OS supports various online tools, and you can install it quickly. If you run into some issues, the operating system has a self-recovery procedure, which restores your saved documents and data. With UberMix, you can install it as a virtual appliance or an image on a USB. Plus, you do not need a VirtualBox for it to work. Like most distros, UberMix comes with some educational apps. Also, users get to use IDEs, which allow for coding in the desired environment.

Kano OS

The Kano OS is made to run the Kano Computer Kit. It is created based on Raspberry Pi. However, it is not compatible with Raspberry Pi 4. The makers of this OS developed it with learners in mind. Therefore, this OS can boot directly to the Storyboard framework or the classic mode. In general, Kano OS is made for students learning to code. For this reason, the system comes with several coding applications and general-purpose applications.


Unlike other operating systems, Sugar's platform is made using Python. Its basic principles of creation stand on social and cognitive constructivism. As such, owners of Sugar have developed a system suitable for children. Many students that use this operating system are encouraged to learn and engage with the content.

Sugar has unconventional learning apps. It is suitable for kids to learn counting, reading, and writing. In addition, you do not need a fresh installation to run this OS. You can directly install it on your Linux. Alternatively, it can be installed from a stick containing Sugar.


This article explores the best education Linux distros in 2022. Each operating system offers users unique features and options. Likewise, some systems come with preinstalled applications for learning. For some operating systems, you will have to find appropriate learning apps to install on the OS. Hopefully, this article helped you to establish what best educational Linux distros you may want to check out.

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