Best Facebook alternatives for 2018

Best Facebook alternatives for 2018

Today, privacy and data protection become the most important factors when choosing to use any social media. Because, most recent Facebook data privacy scandal elaborates how Facebook had collected the user's data including SMS data, call history, and contact details. And Facebook was alleged with Cambridge Analytica scandal for collecting the user's phones data. This Cambridge Analytica data leak controversy shows how millions of users data can be misused for so-called research purposes.

Now awareness and consideration are both must required for social media activity. Currently, there have many social media out there. You may also hear about Twitter, Instagram, Google+ like popular social media platform but you’ll glad to know that there have few more Facebook alternatives available on the market. Some of these alternatives are more conservative, offering less advertising, and even offer extended functions and features that are currently unavailable for Facebook customers. And most important part, these are improved with users data protection. Let’s take at that platform.


Diaspora is a nonprofit and distributed social network based on free Diaspora software and it is a free personal web server. It is most similar to Facebook, but not as a data collector. It works as you can publish status updates, share posts and images, and comment on other people’s posts. You can also control who gets to see your own posts as well. Diaspora supports hashtags to order posts. You can find like-minded people who share your interests by using this feature. This software has its own chat function and it is also an open source project.


Vero is a fast-growing app-based social media alternative. The app is available for iOS, and Android. It doesn’t carry ads and doesn’t collect data such as Facebook. It doesn’t share any user information to make a profit. It already has a good number of artists and a polished interface. The messages appear in chronological order. And contacts can be divided into multiple categories such as followers, acquaintances, friends, and close friends. These groups can be selected or deselected as the target group when a post is published with the only desired audience.


Path is good for users who care less about a large community instead place far more value on having a selective friendship group to keep in contact with. The app is available for iOS and Android. The path is pretty similar to Facebook where you can share posts, photos, and videos. You can also show your friends the music you’re currently listening to, the TV series you’re following. It allows you to exchange private messages with the friends. The path has around four million users.


Ello is focused on artists and creative people and it is ad-free. Ello’s simple, minimalistic design, leaving lots of space for user posts to shine. It also refrains itself from selling the information about the users to third parties. Ello continues to attract users and establishing as a creators network.


Pinterest mainly using for images, GIFs, and videos. It allows you to save images and categorize them on different boards. You can follow the other users' boards if you have similar tastes. Pinterest is based on the shared interest of its users and relies on its members to produce the content. Pinterest also allows businesses to create pages aimed at promoting their companies online.


NextDoor is the perfect platform to connect you to your neighborhood. It’s a social network to socialise with the people in your locality. You can use it to set up a neighborhood get together, find local help, get tips and more. After the site verifies your address, you’re automatically connected to people who live nearby. It also concerns about privacy. It also allows You to keep your identity and address hidden. Nextdoor now has set up more than 2,000 online neighborhoods and each contains with 500 to 750 households.

Facebook messenger alternatives -


Viber is a cross-platform encrypted messaging app. The app is similar to Skype. It has introduced the end-to-end encryption service on all the available platforms- Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. Viber uses a color-coded system to show how protected a conversation is, where grey color denotes encrypted communication, green signifies encrypted communication with trusted contact and red means there is an issue with the authentication key. You can also choose to hide any specific chats from your screen and access them later. It also provides you the facility to play games, follow public accounts, share your contacts, media files, turn on location and much more with a high-security feature. It has over 800 million users worldwide, and it is free to download.


Telegram can connect people around the globe by the use of a unique network of data centers. It provides the best security which never gives any third-party access to your data. Its “secrets chats” function can protect the messages by using self-destruct automatically across all the devices involved. You can also set an option for self-destructing of your account within a set time. You can easily sync your messages across various devices at once. This app has all the essential features such as sending media files, videos, documents of any type including .DOC, .MP3, .ZIP. It sets up bots for specific tasks. It has a very minimalistic interface to makes the app quite handy to use. Telegram app is entirely free. It doesn’t display any ads and does not include any subscription fees.

Signal the private messenger

Signal Private Messenger has made a place among the most secure messaging apps for Android and iOS users. It uses an advanced end-to-end encryption to secure all the messages shared with other Signal users. It is entirely free and is quite easy to use. It is an open source. It has other features like highly encrypted voice calls, group chats, media transfer, archive functionality. All these features do not need any PIN codes or other login credentials. Also, the messages can self-destruct after a set amount of time. You can also use the app on your computer with its new Chrome browser plugin.


Silence is an end-to-end best encrypted messaging app for smartphones. It uses Axolotl encryption protection to provide end-to-end encryption to other Silence users. If the other party does not install Silence app then you can still communicate through regular SMS application. It works without using any server or internet connection on your phone like ordinary SMS feature. You do not need to register or sign-up with any login credentials. Silence app is free and is open source. It enables anyone to verify that its code is free of vulnerabilities or flaws.

Hope you like our list and feel free to comment your favorite Facebook alternative. Thank you!

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