Best Field Sales Software for Business in 2020

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Even though more people are now making online purchases, many businesses still make sales from their physical offices. And the field sales team is the driving force of those sales. Although field sale is an old profession, it has not phased out despite the advances in technology.

Human interaction cannot be replaced by an app or a computer. But that does not mean that salespeople cannot use technology to their own benefit. Whether it is GPS navigation, appointment scheduling, or pipeline management, there are various field sales software that can yield big returns on the efforts you are putting in.

What is a Field Sales Software?

This is a software that allows salespeople or a field sales team to efficiently manage their prospects and existing customers. Due to the competitive nature of business, advancement in technology has brought about various enterprise software which can assist field salespeople to simplify daily tasks, enhance productivity, and decrease costs.

Out of a 40- hour week, a sales team spends about 14 hours selling products or services. But a field sales software can boost the number by decreasing the time a salesperson spends on paperwork and administrative tasks. This can have a positive impact on sales, thereby, boosting the morale of the team.

Furthermore, the software can help the management to keep their sales team productive and up to date by managing quotes, assigning jobs, and keeping track of the time the personnel spends in the field. Additionally, the software stores the information of all customers in a single place, which makes it easy to access. It can also direct sales calls as well as set follow-up reminders.

Today’s field sales team needs to collaborate closely with sales on the internet. Therefore, using a tool that can help to manage daily field operations will not only save time, but allow them to focus more on other important functions.

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Top Field Sales Software for Your Business

Here are the best field sales software you can use to grow your sales and improve the overall performance of your business:

1. Badger Maps

This is a route planner. It automates management of territories for field salespeople. The software visualizes sales data using a map. It also helps to optimize schedules and daily routes as well as generate reports of meetings.

Badger maps are best for salespeople who are visiting prospects one-on-one. It assists them in solving daily problems in the field within minutes, showing them best leads and opportunities as they move. As a result, the sales team will spend less time driving to homes of prospects or customers and more time on having meetings, closing deals, and making more sales.

2. Spotio

This software is designed to enhance efficiency and speed up all aspects of field sales. The app provides a solution that takes away the stress of daily sales activities for operations, managers, and sales reps. It automates manual tasks and gives insight into the performance of the sales team thereby fostering accountability.

Spotio has features like CRM mapping, prospecting, activity tracking, and a reporting dashboard. With these features, it can centralize the activities of the field sales team to provide the organization with insight and visibility needed for revenue generation. The software makes it easy to create a pipeline, increase productivity, and close better deals. Click here for more info about CRM.

3. SalesRabbit

SalesRabbit is a mobile and cloud solution for field sales teams to improve productivity. It can optimize all aspects of your management and sales process. It tracks leads, manages areas, collates data, and crushes sales records using field-proven methods.

It has an in-built software that can track sales, sales territories, and plan routes, all of which can help in monitoring the performance of the entire sales team.

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4. Repsly

This software is for retail execution. It assists CPG teams in making data-driven decisions in order to achieve high performance. It is majorly used in businesses such as food and beverage, consumer products, and retail services.

The mobile app provides data in real time as well as tools that can help the sales team take the appropriate action in the appropriate store and at the best time. This action can make a big impact on the business. It also organizes sales activities on the field, which makes it easy to draft a report on the team’s performance.


Field sales team spends a lot of time driving to reach prospects and customers. But more time can be spent on having meetings and closing deals. This can be made possible with a field sales software.

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