Wed Oct 10 2018

CMS or Custom PHP which one is better for your website?

CMS or Custom PHP which one is better for your website?

CMS stands for Content Management System. As the name implies, CMS gives you, the ability to manage the content of your website. Once the website is built you can login and access any functions. You can change text on a specific page, run an eCommerce store, add new products, manage inventory, change pricing and perform any number of functions once you get into the back-end of your CMS-based website. Then you do not have to completely rely on your developers to make changes to the website. The most popular CMS options include WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

On the other hand custom PHP is developer written custom code from scratch. This allows developers to develop modules and applications using PHP as the primary programming language. Working with custom PHP, developers can build a more customized website, but the site must be designed and maintained exclusively by the IT team. A non-technical person would get lost in the programming language and functions of the website.

Difference in features of CMS and Custom PHP -

1. Website Management -

CMS websites can manage by any kind user. Whether you are technical or non technical user that doesn't matter, with a proper authentication, you can add, update and delete all the content of the website. In case of custom PHP websites you need to be a technical person, or at least should know basic HTML to edit some static content.

2. Flexibility -

Based on your business requirements, your website may need to have various functions and integration with third-party applications. Sometimes you need your website to perform operations which are independent of each other and connect with various systems as well. In case of CMS sites, there have a variety of functions in applications, those applications are not very flexible. Since the applications are pre-made, creativity can sometimes be limited. A number of modules and plug-ins within a CMS website may require making a lot of custom development as well. Frameworks contain various library functions and can be easily customized based upon the requirements of the business. When it comes to flexibility, custom PHP is far better than CMS.

3. User Experience -

CMS mostly provides responsive themes so that any module or plug-in placed on the website functions on a mobile device as well. But to build custom theme in CMS need to add mobile responsiveness manually.

A Custom PHP website usually does not have the default standard user interfaces, which makes CMS so user-friendly. But developers can create an interface using the available library functions. Custom CMS or CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or SASS can be used with with custom PHP in order to develop a site for the best user experience.

4. Performance -

CMS website used lots of plugins to keep it functioning. Which is bad for your website performance. CMS and its plugins are made for universal use. Which content lot of unnecessary features and codes. Using lots of plugins on your CMS website can increase your website response time and downgrade your SEO ranking. On the other hand, custom PHP website is created functioning website as per your requirement. Custom PHP websites don't include unnecessary codes and features, which keep it simpler and faster than anything.

5. Security -

Today for an online business website or application, security is the biggest concern. Hackers try to find ways to attack a website, to destroy or to change the way the website looks. This can decrease the value of a business website. Most CMS are open source and the code base is open to everyone. There are various communities who develop plug-ins, widgets or modules for CMS. When developers find vulnerabilities they launch a newer version of that feature with a safe code. It is important to install a reliable plug-in on a CMS site, from trusted sources. Websites developed using custom PHP are more secure in comparison to CMS. Since they use custom code, it is more difficult to breach their security like SQL Injection.

6. Upgrades -

Getting your business website updated with the latest code functions is really important. Upgrades help with website security. CMS has updates almost every month. The website should be updated with the latest upgrades as soon as it is available. Even if not updated, the website would function, but the site would not be as secure or user-friendly. But in case of custom php website, do not need frequent updates. Some can go six months without updates and still be secure and functional.

Which one is best for you?

By now you understand the core functions of the two and have an idea about how they deal with Management, Security, Flexibility, Upgrades and User Experience. As a business owner, you understand what is important for your business, and depending upon your business requirements, you can decide which technology is best.

But as a development company we always suggest to use custom PHP, which keeps you safe without reducing your website performance. And the best part is to customize as you want. For custom PHP, there had already an option to create a custom admin panel, which provides you CMS like options to manage content without knowing any technical stuffs.

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