Developer vs Hacker

Developer vs Hacker

Nowadays, there is often spirited discussion and debate about the differences between Hackers, and Developers.

Developer vs Hacker - What they do? Are they related to each other or not?

Most of the people often use these terms probably without knowing their actual job.

Though, all these two solve problems using code. But, still, differences exist between the two. So, it’s important to understand that these are not all the same thing. Here we will explain how developers and hackers both are different from each other.

So, let's get started -


A Developer is a formally trained programmer. They don’t just solve problems or create things but do so in accordance with a set of design and implementation principles. These include things like performance, maintainability, scale, robustness, and security. A developer is a formally trained programmer who doesn’t just solve problems but does so in a structured and disciplined way likely learned as part of a formal education.


A Hacker is someone who makes things. In this context, it’s someone who makes things by programming computers. This is the original, and purest definition of the term, i.e., that you have an idea and you “hack” something together to make it work. It also applies to people who modify things to significantly change their functionality, but less so. In short, a hacker is a creator or tinkerer.

Developer vs Hacker

  • All hackers and developers are programmers. But developers are not creative enough to be considered as hackers.

  • Even many hackers are not educated or experienced enough to be considered developers.

  • Developers are creators, everyone can’t become a developer because they are trained to write codes. They are expert at finding ways around problems and plugging components together to fulfill a set of requirements.

  • Hacking is often, but not always, associated with poor quality. This is because it usually takes place in a rush of creativity that is best not slowed by the friction of doing things properly. In cases where a hacker is also a developer or has an eye for design and quality else wise, they almost inevitably have to come back to their creations afterward and clean them up.

  • Developers create things or solve problems by following a set of design and implementation principles.

  • A hacker is someone who makes things. They mostly alter the thing created by programmers and make them work in a different way.

  • Anyone who knows both programming languages and working of computers could be a hacker but mostly only a trained programmer can become a developer.

  • A developer understands best practices.

  • As a developer, you need to start paying more attention to the community.

  • A developer is a trained programmer.

  • A hacker has knowledge of computer networking, programming, cryptography, and databases. For hacking, there is no fixed syllabus that anyone can just read and become a hacker.

  • Hackers work in an emergency scenario to save the data of company from hackers. A hacker finds a bug in the system a tells to the developer or programmer in a company.

  • A Developer, on the other hand, tends to be more creatively minded applying patterns and practices learned through self-discovery, on the job, reading books and blogs, or courses focused on specific aspects of the development life-cycle without the fundamentals of the scientific method and engineering principles.

  • Hackers are more concerned with availing the concept as opposed to minding about the long-term quality.

  • A hacker can conceptualize about how will ultimately be created while frantically writing code, the role is primarily about speed.

  • A hacker, as well as hacking,’ are most useful in dealing with emergency circumstances or when prototyping an item.

  • Developers are experts at identifying ways around various problems as well as plugging together components to fulfill some requirements.

  • the developers make the all-new tools, websites, applications, software and much more that can be finally used by the users for some functions. There can be several types of developers including the mobile app developers that are different than the website developers. They are the ones who work on the interface things that how a software or code will be interacting with the users for which that is made.


You can share your thoughts about a developer and a hacker. To whom you have support for - a developer or a hacker? Tell us in the comments below. Thank you!