E-Commerce Shipping Solutions for Brands

E-commerce shipping solutions

The e-commerce industry is sprawling with competitors. Has become more confident about how to shop online. At the advent of the pandemic, we had ample free time on our hands. In the lack of physical stores, people started heavily endorsing online shopping. Despite the loss of many indigenous brands, many others came to light during this period.

But, it is not enough to sustain a business with a good ideology. Your e-commerce shipping solutions should also uplift your brand and give it a fighting chance in this competitive world. If your website does not provide added perks to its consumers, they may choose to make purchases from other online forums. E-Commerce shipping is a crucial part of the shopping experience.


1. B2B shipping

B2B orders are shipped through freight or parcels if their quantity is lesser. Businesses attempt to fulfill orders to other companies instead of directly delivering to consumers. B2B orders can handle large orders. They enable the delivery of heavy goods and international shipping. The companies ensure timely deliveries to their consumers.

Multiple locations pick up.

The orders can be picked up for numerous locations, thereby giving the company an advantage. Sometimes, a company may have multiple warehouses, and their products are scattered. A shipping solution that enables various pick-up locations will ease your life.

2. Early COD

Cash on delivery is a high-demand choice of payment among consumers. It is difficult for people to trust websites, and therefore they believe in cash on delivery orders. A shipping solution that facilitates only cash on delivery presents the choice of making more sales and more customers for an organization.

3. Customer support

A shipping solution must have unified customer support to help consumers track their orders. We can recollect this instance from our everyday lives. We may have placed an order from a particular website, but we track it from another shipping solution.

For example, you place an order through Myntra. Myntra has a tie-up with numerous shipping solutions such as blue dart, delhivery and so on. If we wish to track our orders, we can simply call blue dart and reach out to their customer care.

4. Cross border shipping

Numerous brands facilitate cross-border shipping these days. A shipping solution that allows you to ship your products internationally and throughout the country is imperative in today’s date.

5. Warehouse and fulfillment

Warehouse and fulfillment allow third party providers to deliver orders for an e-commerce company. It means that the shipping solution can handle the warehousing to accommodate things in a more timely fashion.

6. NDR management

Potent shipping solutions offer NDR management which is repeated delivery attempts after a few failures. They ensure that the order is successfully delivered to the consumer and does not have to be sent back to the website.

Return to origin is usually an unwanted measure for the company because they have to bear the loss of paying for the shipping by themselves. If you may have noticed, when you order something online, the delivery agent calls you before coming home. Sometimes, you may not be home and reschedule your delivery. This is possible because of NDR management.

7. Automated insurance

Robotic insurance lays out the potential risks, policies, and other strategies about a company’s offerings. They help ascertain how compatible a shipping solution may be with your company.

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