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Enhancing The Florida Car Shipping Experience

Enhancing The Florida Car Shipping Experience

Driving a long distance across the country to Florida can be exhaustive, time-intensive, and expensive. Many people decide to ship vehicles to and from Florida, whether transferring for work or relocating, but the busiest season is twice a year for snowbird migration.

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"Snowbird" is the term assigned to those who move south during the winter months to avoid the frigid northern temperatures and then travel back home in the spring. This migration accounts for the most traffic to and from the Sunshine State for most car shipping services.

The season is so busy that travelers are encouraged to book roughly a month before departure. By September, the transport companies will be full. Not only is Florida sunny and warm, but it's also filled with amenities, activities, and entertainment, including the Everglades and theme parks like Disney World.

If you decide to move there permanently, get your car delivered to Florida using auto transport, bringing the vehicle behind your flight.

Tips To Successfully Transport Vehicles to Florida

The busiest season for auto transport companies shipping cars to and from Florida comes when the snowbirds travel back and forth with the warm temperatures to escape the north's winter.

The recommendation is to book about a month before departing for the Sunshine State, around September or October, and then in the spring, approximately February or March. Here are tips on shipping a car to or from Florida with a reputable auto transport company.

Research the transport company

When preparing for snowbird migration, the first step is to research for a reputable auto transport to have your vehicle shipped to your final destination. The company should offer insurance if there are challenges resulting in damage in transit, competitive pricing, and a multitude of services to benefit your needs.

A car is a major investment, so it's important to understand that the vehicle will be safe and secure with the auto transport company taking responsibility for it.

You'll need to check testimonials and reviews from previous customers and other snowbirds who have used the services to determine reputation, experience, and satisfaction with the experience.

The company should offer adequate services and be transparent about its price points. Go here for reliable car transport recommendations.

The insurance and credentials

Most reputable auto transport companies will register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, from which they will receive an individual USDOT number. This should be something they disclose, or you should request it when reaching out for services.

This can be entered into the database to gain insight into the service details, including the company ID, safety record, size, and on. If the business doesn't divulge this number, you should move from them to another service offering the information.

A priority when checking on a company is to investigate insurance details and find out how your insurance works in this situation. Even the most reputable shipper could occasionally incur damage to a vehicle.

This is why high-quality services offer "$50,000-$1 million coverage." You want to avoid a company without insurance coverage.

Understanding the booking and shipping process

Many snowbirds book and ship in the fall and winter to head south for the winter. Anyone heading to Florida for the warmer temperatures should book roughly a month before departing.

This would fall around September or October, and then in the spring, it would be March or April, to avoid the shipping service being full of bookings. Plus, you'll want the most up-to-date pricing and the potential for discounts and promotions if you schedule far enough in advance.

In the same vein, you need to have an idea of your shipping and pick-up times. Transporting cars can take time and effort. Depending on the distance, shipping from a major hub to another one in Florida could take as long as four days.

If you're traveling from remote areas, it will take longer and cost considerably more. You also want to make sure that you arrive before the car to avoid the possibility of storage fees, holding the vehicle until you can get there to pick the auto up.

Final Thought

Shipping a car to Florida with the right reputable auto transport company is relatively easy. Snowbirds traveling to the state to avoid the cold winter temperatures of the north should book with a reputable auto transport company as soon as October in the fall to avoid the rush and possible extra expense.

Florida is a destination not only for snowbirds but also for people relocating after retiring, transferring for work, and taking a much-needed extended holiday.

The state always offers beautiful weather, incredible entertainment and activities for the whole family, and outstanding beaches. It's the number one spot for snowbird migration.

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