Everything you need to know about the budget CPU - AMD Ryzen

Recently, AMD lunched it's most powerful consumer CPU - Ryzen. AMD's new Ryzen chips implementing their Zen microarchitecture, which include several CPUs of various levels of potency.

AMD Ryzen

Zen is nearly half the size of AMD's last microarchitecture Bulldozer, which is much, more faster and efficient. Ryzen is also significantly faster than much of what Intel has to offer.

Ryzen was designed by AMD to perform well at high loads and be compatible with the latest hardware in PC gaming. To that end, companyhad to develop a new chipset for the processors and a new socket, the AM4.

The first Ryzen processors were released by AMD earlier this year, and were seen a major leap forward for the company's CPU offerings that actually managed to offer meaningful competition for Intel's popular Core i5 and i7 models when it came to both price and performance.




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