Games Programming Challenges to Code Better

Games Programming Challenges to Code Better

The introduction of modern technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, and others has made gaming even more widespread as well as innovative. As of 2015, there were almost two billion video gamers worldwide, but this number is predicted to increase by more than three billion by 2024.

However, there's more...!!

It's important to realize that gaming is no longer a simple pastime but a full-fledged career choice. Yes, you heard it right. Code-related games may be found on the internet, and they can help you learn and enhance your programming abilities in a fun and engaging manner. In order to keep up with your studying, you may utilize these coding games as pleasant breaks throughout the learning process.

It will also allow you to improve your problem-solving and creative abilities, as you will have to deal with various complex issues and compete with other highly skilled programmers from across the globe.

To help you become better at coding, we've compiled a list of some of the best coding games out there.


Untrusted is a free online role-playing game that hones players' JavaScript abilities. Using JavaScript instructions, you must lead Dr. Eval through a machine continuum and modify his reality in order to escape. The JavaScript code that generates each level may be seen in a console window in the game's roguelike environment, which you can also play in. Also, the source code is accessible, but you'll need to make necessary modifications to save yourself.

Multiple stages are available in the game, including cellBlockA, where you must find out the code that produces the walls and remove it: another level, theLongWayOut, where you must design a new exit, and many more. JavaScript and programming skills are required to have a good time with the game.


Creating robot tanks to engage in combat against one another would be an excellent way to hone your coding abilities.

Yes, you can play Robocode in the same way. Using Robocode, you may create a robot battle tank that can engage in combat with other robot battle tanks written in computer languages like Java or. NET. Writing the robot's AI will help it understand and respond to the events taking place on the battlefield.

Programming languages such as Java, Scala, and C# may be learned and practiced via the game. It's also an excellent way to get into the AI field. It also comes with its own installation, built-in robot editor & Java compiler. Moreover, Robocode offers a comprehensive programming environment. All players may contribute their custom modes and add-ons to the Robocode project, which is open source.

Elevator Saga

Programming the movement of elevators to convey passengers effectively is the focus of Elevator Saga, which showcases your JavaScript abilities. The difficulties mount as the number of missions increases, such as transporting 15 passengers in less than 60 seconds. You must devise an efficient algorithm to lessen the number of times passengers have to wait. In fact, the game is a great way to improve your JavaScript and algorithmic abilities.

You only need to type in your code and press the Apply button to begin the challenge in Elevator Saga's user interface.

Vim Adventures

VIM Adventures is a must-have if you're having trouble with the VIM code editor! Vim Adventures is an online game that uses a Zelda-style gaming setting to teach you VIM keyboard shortcuts and other important VIM topics. Vim, a sophisticated text editor, may help you become a better programmer, and this game makes it easy to learn and comprehend Vim.

While initially just being able to travel in four directions (left, right, up, and down), the game gradually introduces new features, including interacting with other players, collecting things, and using the keyboard. Until you master VIM's keyboard shortcuts, you may give the cursor new instructions with every key you press. It is also explained to you each time you press a keyboard key to help you better grasp how the key works.


CodeCombat is most suited for people who have no programming expertise at all since it not only helps you improve your basic coding abilities. But it also offers a unique learning experience as a video game. Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Lua, and more programming languages are covered in the game. You'll need to use one of these programming languages to instruct the character. In addition, the game begins with basic puzzles and obstacles before progressively ramping up in complexity. There are also a number of tutorials incorporated into the game to help players learn the grammar of the language.

You'll not only be able to study and play with CodeCombat, but you'll also be able to contribute to the project's source code. Thus, you can make new features, repair errors, and improve your programming skills. As a Valorant player, you may enhance your abilities and equipment using this knowledge. The overall impression is excellent, even if skins don't immediately enhance your gameplay. What more could you possibly require.

The Code Hunt

Code Hunt is an additional option for honing your coding abilities in a fun and engaging game environment. In this game, you must solve several code challenges to progress to the next level. As a result, each problem is supplied just with test cases, and no specifications are provided. You must first recognize the pattern before you can begin coding a solution. Java and C# are two of the most popular programming languages in the world, and Code Hunt will help you learn both. It's set up to help you learn the principles of each of these languages.

Millions of students (and professionals) throughout the globe enjoy Microsoft's Code Hunt. If you want to improve your Java or C# programming skills in a more fun manner, you should give it a go.


To improve your programming abilities, especially in Python and TypeScript, you may play the game CheckIO. Beginners and expert programmers will benefit from the game's various tasks, which come in varying degrees of difficulty. Users must complete the corresponding coding challenge or puzzle in order to go from one island to the next in the game. In addition, CheckIO's friendly and enlightening community allows you to exchange ideas and information with other bright people all around the globe. You'll learn how to troubleshoot and fix glitches in a variety of games, including Valorant Error Code VAN 152, using programming knowledge.

Even if you don't believe it, professors and instructors utilize CheckIO to assist students in practicing coding skills in their training programs and courses. Aside from that, the game is quite adaptable, and you are all more than welcome to contribute to the project.

CSS Diner

Finally, there's CSS Diner, a game designed to help you improve your CSS abilities. The game teaches you how to use CSS selectors via its 32 stages, which are all interconnected. As the game develops, the challenge of each round becomes harder. Levels in the game are based on numerous significant properties, such as the id and class name and a host of others. You can also see the HTML markup for each item in the table when you hover over it, which is helpful if you get stuck on a specific level.

You'll learn more about how to target specific components in HTML and CSS. Moreover, how to navigate the DOM in JavaScript by playing this game. You can play CSS Diner in your browser without having to create an account or log in.

Final Thoughts

Gaming is a common pastime for many tech enthusiasts, so it's not surprising that this is the case. You may have fun while learning how to program by playing any of the aforementioned well-known coding games. You're advised to use these games for a limited time, though, since overuse of anything is always wrong. Keep in mind that if you put these games to good use, they will aid you in honing your coding skills!