Hard reset an Android SmartPhone in 4 simple steps

Hard reset is very useful when you face your Android Smartphone slow, freezing, not responsive, responding incorrectly, or you can't remember the phones password.

Rest Android SmartPhone

Before reset your Android phone please full backup your phone and remove expendable memory card. If you still able to access phone settings, then go to settings choose Backup & Reset then Factory data reset.

If you're having problems accessing your factory data reset options through the settings or having problems with your touch screen, or you can't navigate correctly on your phone then this is the perfect time to hard reset Android Smartphone.


Here is the process to hard reset Android Smartphone-

1. Completely switch of your smartphone

Make sure your device is completely switch off. If you're phone isn't responding and you can't power off the phone with the power button, then you might need to pull the battery out, count to ten, and then put the battery back in. Just don't power the phone back on if you have to reinsert the battery. Keep the device powered off.


2. Boot to recovery mode

Now press hold the Volume Up and Power  button until your device screen appears. It will automatically boot to recovery mode (in some cases press the Volume down button to select "Recovery mode" and press power button). When you phone will boot up in recovery mode then your touch screen will not use to navigate only Volume up/down button to navigate and power button to select option.


3. Select factory reset option

Using volume down key move the section to Factory Reset or wipe data/factory reset option and press power key to select. Then process of reset will start with a progress bar.


4. Reboot System

When progress bar reach to 100%, it will back to recovery options again. After that using volume up key move the selection to Reboot System the hit the power button. This process will reboot the device to setup option as like a new Android device.



Note: This process will work with most of the current Android smartphones, but some of the device vendor use different process to boot up in the recovery mode.

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