How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Can Be Used for Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Can Be Used for Marketing

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are leading global businesses and services to prosperity and increased efficiency. With the help of AI and ML tools and sources, everything has become faster and better, while people manage to save a lot of human sources, time, and money. Still, it doesn’t mean that human professionals are being replaced by machines. On the contrary, people get more time to get concentrated on more creative and significant processes, while machines do the automatic work.

The same processes are happening in the marketing industry. AI and ML are boosting the field efficiency with a variety of processes being analyzed and operated by the machines, leaving human workers with fast and precise results to get the use for their benefits.

Look into details to explore how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be exploited for marketing and use it for your company or personal success.

Social Listening

This is not eavesdropping and law violation. In simple words, AI and ML tools and engines are taught to do social listening meaning analyzing your public activities on social media. By knowing what you do online and in your real life, what brands or services you prefer, how you spend your weekdays or celebrate special occasions, marketers can come up with best-personalized proposals for you.

For example, you share on social media that you are in the middle of your college writing project and you are stuck. Expect thesis proposal help being recommended to you in the form of an ad really soon. Or you tell your online friends that you lack fun and entertainment for the nearest weekends. Concert tickets or weekends festival schedules will be the next thing to be emailed to you.

With social listening automatized and used for a marketing campaign, the products and services will get to the target customer faster and easier.

Competitor Analysis

The same way as the AI and ML tools analyze potential customers’ activities, they may follow the performance of competitive companies as well. This way your marketers can receive information about current trends on the market, what competitors have to propose to their clients, what pleases them, what is left unnoticed.

With a thorough analysis of the gathered data, it will be easier to create campaigns prevailing your opponent’s ones, avoid similar mistakes, and take from the success of competing companies.

Content Creation

Modern AI and ML engines are smart enough to create relevant content to satisfy customer’s needs and requests. Although an AI-powered bot will not come up with a decent blog post, there are plenty of occasions where it can be of great use.

Live support chat, comments response, services guidance, and so many more functions are possible to be performed by AI and ML qualitatively and quickly. Although, many customers can easily recognize that they are interacting with bots rather than human support. Still, instant response and assistance are commonly treasured more than the agent behind the action. This helps to move marketing to an entirely new level, pleasing customers without delay and decreasing the waste of human resources significantly.

Content Optimization

Have you realized that the ads posters you see during the World Cup are different for every country it is broadcast to? This is called content optimization and this is another advantage AI and ML tools can grant you with.

Every other Internet user accessing one and the same online service or company website can see the different adverts and proposals displayed. The thing is that ML and AI tools learn the customer’s needs and preferences and adjust text, audio, video, and any other content accordingly. So that customers will see, hear, and read only what they supposedly like and need. Such an approach boosts marketing and sales rates and saves company sources significantly.

Content Deployment

Marketing is not only about knowing what kind of proposals the customer needs and wants to receive but all the details around as well. This is what AI and ML engines can analyze and supply marketers with.
Different customers may wish to receive marketing data in different forms, frequencies, and communication channels. Some may opt for graphic reports twice a month, while others will prefer weekly emails explaining everything in detail. If you manage to please every customer’s needs and make them feel comfortable with your marketing campaigns, successful long-term cooperation is guaranteed. This is why the marketers will need ML and AI assistance here.

Advert Optimization

AI and ML tools are also there for you to invest in successful marketing and promotional campaigns. The smart engines can analyze the latest trends and needs, and determine the best suitable content, place, and timing for your campaign to bring success and prosperity to your business and services. This will provide you with evidence-based marketing predictions and prevent source waste.


AI and ML tools are leading marketing as well as other industries to prosperity and success. By using their advances, the variety of processes are automatized and result in more efficient outcomes.
Social listening for recognizing customer needs and preferences easier, competitor analysis for more successful campaigns, content creation for instant support and assistance, content optimization and deployment for effective cooperation with every customer, advert optimization for every campaign to deliver top beneficial results. Every process powered by ML and AI is aimed to simplify marketing processes and bring advantages and prosperity to the company using them.