How PHP can help your marketing company in automation

How PHP can help your marketing company in automation

Today’s businesses pretty much rely on the internet. And it comes as no surprise since internet is where most people are nowadays, and it is one, if not, the most versatile marketing platform around. While we could see big businesses benefit more from the burgeoning digital marketing, the internet is also a good place for growing businesses with limited manpower and resources.

Techniques in digital marketing like automation can increase speed, efficiency, and accuracy of online marketing and help leverage ventures without needing additional workforce, and strain on its already tight resources. It can also help an existing team of small businesses to focus more on bigger and more important strategy work rather than giving more time for something that is otherwise possible through automated marketing solutions.

What is Marketing Automation?

The repetitive and manual processes are both labor and resource intensive task. However, since every modern business now relies on the internet for most of the product marketing, these manual processes can now be programmed to be automated using a combination of web-based tools and even open-source services such as WordPress.

Monotonous tasks like manually emailing clients, and managing social media marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises is now possible through automation tools without needing extra labor force. Instead of hiring someone to do the same job over and over again, these tasks can now be automated, making the job a lot faster, cost-efficient, and more accurate. All without any risk of human error.

Marketing automation also makes it easier to send personalized, targeted messages to prospects. It can help businesses target specific audience by generating content that is tailored around their best interest. This will help convert prospects to customers.

Ozias Media Pvt. Ltd., a leading digital marketing company based in India, has been using automation to help their clients market their products and services to the right audience online. The company has been helping businesses to maximize their profits through the help of Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Since its founding, Ozias Media Pvt. Ltd. has already helped big brands like MSI, Kohler, and PNB MetLife leverage their online presence through advanced digital marketing and automation solutions.

Importance of Automation


Automation for digital marketing is almost the same in the manufacturing businesses. In factories, automation allows for higher production rates, an increase in productivity, as well as efficient use of resources. Automated tasks can also result in a more accurate, and high-quality produce. If programmed and designed well, automated production will have less problem turnouts, if anything at all.

Despite the claims of quality workmanship from humans, we are still bound to cause some problems. Automating tasks, not only completely eliminating the risk of human error, but can also result in a greater control and consistency of the product. Everything is designed to work as planned.

Since automation also mostly resides on the internet, it can even work outside the human working hours (without additional pay). For e-commerce websites, not only is this convenient for the users, but is also a win for the company. Imagine running an e-commerce website like Amazon. But instead of having an automated system, you have real people waiting to assist customers to add and checkout products 24/7. And that’s exactly why automation in marketing is very important.

PHP for Marketing Automation

PHP for Marketing Automation

Hypertext preprocessor (PHP, formerly known as Personal Home Page Tool) have distinct advantages over any other automation solutions. PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but it can also be used as a general-purpose programming language. PHP supports database management like MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, and many more. It is also, by far, compatible with servers like Apache, and Internet Information Services (IIS), and could run on popular platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.

PHP is an excellent choice for rapid prototyping and development of both static and dynamic pages, database-driven websites. According to the data gathered by W3Techs, 79% of the internet is powered by PHP. In fact, popular social media platforms like Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and Wikipedia are all based on PHP programming language. Content management systems like WordPress is also built on PHP.

Why PHP is still popular for Businesses?

Why PHP is still popular for Businesses?

PHP is an open-source, community-driven programming language. A huge code community works with PHP, sharing useful and freely available documentations like PHP coding guidelines, samples, and examples, as well as scripts and programs, allowing for faster website development. As mentioned, PHP is also compatible with any major operating system like Windows, Linux, and macOS. It also supports many leading servers such as Apache, and Internet Information Services (IIS).

Websites built on PHP can also easily be extended due to the abundance of extensions and libraries freely available online. It is also easier to add custom extensions to the PHP source code.