How to crack WPA2 password of any WIFI in 5 simple steps

How to crack WPA2 password of any WIFI in 5 simple steps

A flaw in a feature added to Wi-Fi, called Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), allows WPA and WPA2 security to be bypassed and effectively broken in many situations. Many access point they have a Wifi Protected Setup enabled by default (even after we hard reset the access point).


  1. Wireless card (support promiscuous mode)
  2. Access point with WPA2 and WPS enables

Steps to cracking WIFI WPA2 Password:

  1. Open your terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and type airmon-ng
  2. The next step we need to stop our wireless monitor mode by running airmon-ng stop wlan0
  3. Now we ready to capture the wireless traffic around us. By running airodump-ng wlan0 your wireless interface will start capturing the data.
  4. From the step 3 above, we can find access point with encryption algorithm WPA2 and note the AP channel number. Now we will find out whether target AP has WPS enabled or not. Typewash -i wlan0 -c 8 -C -s. If the WPS Locked status is No, then we ready to crack and move to step 5.
  5. The last step is cracking the WPA2 password using reaver. reaver -i-b'fail-wait=360

Done !

It will take few minutes to crack the password. The duration depends on hardware and wireless card.

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