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How to Find a Lost iPhone? (4 Methods)

How to Find a Lost iPhone? (4 Methods)

The most difficult task is determining how to locate a lost iPhone that has been turned off. It's considerably worse if "Find My iPhone" is turned off as well. Aside from the expenses, there is a massive quantity of personal data at stake. However, your quest appears to have come to an end here! In this blog, we have covered every potential method for finding a misplaced iPhone even if switched off.

4 Methods to Find a Lost iPhone

Method 01: Make use of the "Find my iPhone"/iCloud feature

  1. On another smartphone, launch Find My iPhone. Open the application on a smartphone or navigate to iCloud on an internet browser to do the same.
  2. Log in using your Apple ID.
  3. Then use the Apple ID and the password you used to set up your iPhone. If you are using another person's device, you might want to hit sign out in the top right corner of the app window to sign in through your own Apple ID.
  4. Click on your iPhone. It should be displayed just below the map in a list of results. The map will indicate the location of your iPhone. If the iPhone has been turned off or the batteries have drained, it will display the phone's last known address.
  5. Select the "Actions" button. It is located at the lowest part of the screen.
  6. Select Lost Mode.
  7. Enter your phone's unlock code.
  8. Use a random number generator that is unrelated to you: no SSN, birthday, driver's license number, or anything else that is personal.
  9. Send a message and call the phone number displayed on your screen.
  10. If your iPhone is connected to the internet, it will automatically lock and cannot be reset without the lock code. You will be able to check your phone's current position as well as any changes.
  11. If your phone is turned off, it will automatically lock when you turn it back on. You will receive an email notification and will be able to monitor the location of your phone.

You can download iOS 17 beta for the advance method of tracking an iPhone.

Method 02: Try tracking your iPhone through Google Photos

  1. If someone has snapped a photograph from your misplaced iPhone and you have the Google Photos location-sharing feature activated, you're in luck. Go to <>.
  2. Look and see if any new photographs have been posted and where they were uploaded.

Method 03: Using a GPS tracking application

Open a web browser and go to the official website for the GPS tracker you previously installed on your iPhone. (example; CocoSpy Cell Phone Tracker, or iTrack)

Use such applications to locate your misplaced or stolen iPhone. Such apps communicate your device's actual position via your computers or other wireless connections.

Method 04: Track your iPhone with Family Sharing

  1. Use Family Sharing to locate your iPhone if you have it enabled.
  2. Family Sharing makes it possible to track the whereabouts of each other's devices. 3. Advise that another member from your Family Sharing group trace your iPhone by using the Find My iPhone app.
  3. The user can also use to track down the lost iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find a lost iPhone on silent mode?

You're sure it's someplace in your house or car, but you can't seem to find it. To top it all off, you recently activated Silent mode on your iPhone. This is problematic if you are attempting to find your iPhone by contacting it from another device. This is when the Find my iPhone on iCloud feature comes in helpful.

To find the device, you may utilise the software on the iCloud server and send an alert signal to your iPhone. Apple disables your quiet mode, allowing you to hear the loud buzzing on your iPhone, making it simpler to locate. Before your iPhone or other gadget gets lost, you must activate Find My! You must have already configured Find My iPhone on your iPhone in order to utilise it. Go on Settings > Apple ID and browse down to ensure Find My iPhone is enabled.

How to find a lost iPhone with an apple watch?

The only stipulation is that your iPhone must be turned on and should be within the Bluetooth range of your Apple Watch. So, if you happen to lose your iPhone someplace in your house or car, the Apple Watch would gladly assist you in locating it.

On your Apple Watch, open the Find Devices app. Select your misplaced iPhone from the list of devices. The Play Sound should be selected. If your iPhone is switched on and within the BlueTooth range, it will begin to produce a sound. If it's not connected, it will say "Sound Pending" underneath the Play Sound button. Select the Play Sound option once again to cease pinging your iPhone if you found it by following the sound.

If you haven't located your iPhone yet, hit Directions to see its approximate position. Choose your method of transportation (which should be Walking unless you've left it somewhere else). Choose one of the offered routes. You may now follow the directions to the location of your misplaced iPhone.

How to track a lost iPhone with an IMEI number?

If you wish to trace your iPhone using the IMEI, contact your cell phone service company. Inform them that your iPhone has been lost or stolen, and request that they put your iPhone on the grey list of said IMEI database ensuring that they can trace it even if it is in use with some other SIM card or turned off. When your iPhone is detected, you can urge your service provider to restrict it so that it cannot be used by others. You may also submit the IMEI number to officials, who will notify you if your iPhone is located.

Final Words:

The easiest approach to trace the whereabouts of a stolen or misplaced handset is to use Apple's Find My iPhone tool. If you don't have Find My iPhone enabled, you can try Google Timeline or Google Photos. Aside from these ways, third-party applications can also help you find a lost iPhone, but only if you installed them before the phone went missing.

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