How to make an app for your online store in 5 easy steps

How to make an app for your online store in 5 easy steps

Amazon and eBay were thriving, like, forever. However, did you know that if you make your own shopping app, you can save so much more? Instead of paying huge taxes and obeying someone else's rules, the ability to make an online shopping app will unlock so many opportunities to earn better profits, even if you don't sell as much. You'll also avoid getting in trouble with system abusers and extortionists.

While you cannot make a shopping app for free, you can get a lot of value in the long term. Let's see how to make an online shopping android application, website, and iOS app.

How to make a store app in 5 easy steps?

Before we make an online shopping app for android, iOS, or web, you need to follow these steps. They've been tried and tested, and yes - they are proven.

Step 1: Plan your success

Before you develop your e-commerce app, there are two things that you need: a clearly defined set of goals and metrics you can use to track and improve performance along the way. Your goals will depend on how well your store performs right now: what are your conversion rates? What percentage of shoppers visit your site from a mobile device? How many people make purchases?

Step 2: Create your target audience

If you want your app to succeed, it's important that you decide on its target customer. After all, it's impossible to give a good customer experience to everyone. B2B clients could have different needs than B2C customers. That's not all - once you've decided on your target audience, you need to know who they are and what they really want. It will streamline the development process and help with app marketing too.

Step 3: Choose your technology stack and frameworks

Let's say you've found your target customer, and you've built a product that solves their biggest problem. And now, you're armed with the knowledge about setting your goals and getting the most out of them. It's time for another choice: what kind of app do you want to build? Progressive Web Apps or Native Apps?

First of all, PWAs can be called the next-generation websites. These are websites that offer similar speeds, performance, and interactivity as a native app but without a need to download anything from app stores.

Step 4: Set up core features

Setting up an e-commerce store isn't easy - but the more you learn, the better off you'll be. There are a number of security protocols that you need to integrate into your site, such as secure sockets layer (SSL) and fraud protection, so you can keep your customers' data private. You also need to integrate different payment gateways so that you can accept every form of payment - from mobile processing to direct bank transfers.

Step 5: Set up the additional features

Several important aspects aren't even on your site, but you also need to keep them in mind. For one, user experience design is integral for a happy shopping experience. Therefore, you should make sure your site is intuitive and easy to navigate - with a straightforward menu setup and an intuitive shopping cart. Furthermore, you need to have live chat capabilities or a contact page wherever customers can reach out to you directly. Not only that, it will be a good option to insert a phone number feature that clients can call directly once they click on it.


As you can see, you can make your own shopping app in just five steps. However, make sure you miss nothing, as you could see the result in no time. Being competitive means being up to date all the time.