How to Use Instagram Hashtags for Multiple Searches

How to Use Instagram Hashtags for Multiple Searches

No one of us can deny how impactful the use of the right hashtags can be in the growth and development of our brand online. This is true sometimes; a single hashtag is more than enough to land you in front of your right target audience. You can also utilize the best potential of hashtags by combining them to get more specific results while being searched by people around the world.

Is it possible to search multiple hashtags on Instagram? This question revolves in the mind of every beginner unless he gets to know the right answer to it. The people who keep up with the coming updates from Instagram will surely be able to answer that yes, it is possible. As technology is continuously evolving, it become very important for the social media platforms like Instagram to stay innovative in their approach to meet the daily-changing need of their users in this modern world. This is the reason that Instagram is continuously introducing new features to enable a more powerful user experience of its users.

What are hashtags on Instagram?

While you are scrolling through Instagram posts, you can see the words written with the # sign below the posts these are the hashtags that are added to the content. The hashtags are used to rank your content and make it accessible to more people. Once you add the hashtags to your post, they increase the visibility of your post by making it appear on the relevant pages from where these hashtags belong and also in front of the people who are searching for relevant things on Instagram. People also use them to link them with ongoing trends to get popular on this platform. Buy Instagram followers USA is another way to get popular on Instagram.

For example, if you are sharing a video of a makeup tutorial you can use the hashtag of makeup in your video and it will start appearing everywhere these hashtags will be searched.

How to search multiple tags?

As we discussed earlier, Instagram allows us to search multiple tags at the same time and we can easily view the posts and videos that are linked to these hashtags. Now we are going to discuss the effect of combining multiple hashtags. Let’s discuss what happens when you do so.

When you write more than one hashtag together in the search bar, the Instagram algorithm does not understand it and it shows no results as it only recognizes one hashtag at a time. But still, there are some ways to search hashtags on Instagram. Let's get into the details of this process.

Searching single hashtag on Instagram

The best thing to find the right hashtag on Instagram is simply to search for them on this platform

Open the Instagram application

Tap on the search icon located at the bottom of your screen

Write the hashtags you want to search in this bar

Once you click the search option, you will be able to see different posts that have used the same hashtag with different variations. For example; if you have written a hashtag named #makeup in the search bar you will start to see a lot of different variations of this hashtag.

You can now select the most suitable one from the given list

Searching multiple hashtags on Instagram

When you learn to search hashtags on Instagram, then searching multiple hashtags on Instagram becomes very easy. Although there is no proper feature to search multiple hashtags on Instagram you can still search them by using the given methods.

If you try to write two hashtags separately, you will get no results of it

However, if you write the word in a way #sunsetandrain then you probably get some content in the location, sound, or tag pages.

But if you try to write three hashtags in this way you will find no result on it.

Also, if you write #sunset or #rain you will still find nothing in the result of your search

So, this is the only possible way to find multiple hashtags on Instagram.

Use third-party tools

Another effective way to search for the right hashtags is to take help from the tools that are available online. These tools not only allow you to search a single hashtag but also you can search multiple hashtags using this tool. These Instagram scarper tools may help you to get all the details relevant to the posts, profile, performance, hashtags, and visibility of any Instagram profile.

So, if you don’t get the desired results of your hashtag search on google then you can take help from these tools. But to use this tool for hashtag search purposes you will have to sign up in them only then you will be able to avail of their services. But if you get the right and reliable tool, it can however be very helpful for you in your hashtag research. Once you have chosen the right one for you, they will instruct you about the usage of that tool.

Use Google

Google is the most trusted search engine that can help you get better results for your hashtags search. If you want to explore hashtags on google, you will have to follow the given steps:

Open google chrome on your device

Open the search bar and write the link as Site: "#tag1" "tag2".

Now replace tags 1 and 2 with the name of the keywords you are going to find out

Now tap the search button

You will be shown various Instagram posts, which have used the same hashtags in them. You can pick any of them which you feel is more suitable for you.

Wrap up:

So, in this article, we have done a detailed discussion on hashtags and the right process to search for them. You just need to know the right strategy to search for them anywhere you are going to do it. As they are very important components of your marketing strategy, they can help you rise above the competition if you start using them properly in your content.

So now we have covered all the aspects of searching the keywords on Instagram by using various methods. Hope you find this blog so helpful. If you still have anything to ask, feel free to write to us in the comment section below.

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