How your WhatsApp conversation can be hacked?

How your WhatsApp conversation can be hacked?

WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used messenger service across the world. This server has very little security and hence can be hacked very easily. However, a conveniently hidden option in the latest WhatsApp for Android beta suggests that the service will soon share user datawith the social network "to improve Facebook experiences".

It's not yet clear what kind of information will be shared between WhatsApp and Facebook, but it will presumably include details such as your WhatsApp contacts list to make it easier to find friends on the social network, and vice versa.

Latest WhatsApp includes a new end-to-end encryption option that promises to make your message so secure that "WhatsApp and third parties can't see it". This is probably a bid to sweeten those now concerned about the security of their data.

But still there are many ways to hack a WhatsApp conversation. Here is the most popular ways to hack WhatsApp -

1. WhatsApp from IMEI hacking -

Never share your IMEI number and avoid keeping your phone out at places where it can be accessible to others. Once the user has your IMEI number, he or she can easily hack your device and read all your messages.

Each and every device's WhatsApp account is associated with IMEI number as the password so whenever anyone changes her/his device, WhatsApp sends the notification and asks to re-verify the account.

In these cases, the data is transferred from the back up, which means all your collected data is read by others.

2. WhatsApp from Wi-Fi hacking -

WhatsApp doesn't have a very secure server, so avoid using WhatsApp when on Wi-Fi.

Generally, Android and Apple devices that use WhatsApp do not have any security. It is Blackberry devices that are extremely safe as they use their own server, while others use the WhatsApp server.

So, generally, avoid using public Wi-Fi for WhatsApp, if and whenever it is possible. In a situation, where you do not have internet connection and public Wi-Fi is the only option, use the Wi-Fi network and then ensure that you go to Settings -> Chat-Settings -> Clear All Conversations.

By doing this, you will lose out on all the messages, but this will help your data free from being accessible to nyone else. Always make this as a habit. All the media files will be saved on your phone, so you aren't losing any of your media file data.

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