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Laravel PHP framework

We all know that one of the most popular and widely used programming languages used for web application development is PHP which is driving more than 18 million web domains. It capable to fulfill the requirements of both small and large companies. In PHP, there are so many options available to choose from frameworks. But Laravel stands out among the lot for its simple, elegant and expressive syntax which helps create wonderful applications by easing out the development process. Laravel makes simple the repetitive tasks used in the development of most web applications, and easier to pick up than other frameworks, even for a newbie. So, let's get the details of Laravel - what is it? Which type of features does it provide? And most important question how is it better than the other frameworks? It will help you to choose Laravel as your new best framework friend to work with PHP.

So, let's begin this -

What's Laravel?

Laravel is an important framework for PHP which offers a standardized and feature-rich platform for building high-performance web applications. It's exclusively designed for development of Model View Controller (MVC) applications and it was released under the MIT license. It has a well-built toolbox which lets you write fewer codes that result in less risk of error. By using this, website application developers can create applications with greater productivity and value such as managing guiding principles, side effects, etc.

How is it better than the other PHP frameworks?

Its benefits over other PHP frameworks explain how it's better than others.

  • It's simple and quick to use.

  • Easy to setup and customization.

  • Coding without stress; it keeps all the SQL codes in separate model files.

  • By providing pre-loaded packages such as - Laravel Socialite, Laravel cashier, Laravel elixir, Laravel eloquent it makes the development process easier, saving the time for both the developer and the owner.

  • Pre-enabled tools to protect from injection and XSS attacks, save the developers time from complex coding for site security.

Now, let's find out which features make Laravel so popular?

It's based on the less repetitive code. High-level abstractions of their common web development patterns, clear conventions for problem-solving, and convenient shortcuts for frequent programming tasks make this framework very easy to use and easy to maintain.

Excellent documentation

The documentation for Laravel has been written by founder and main developer Mr. Taylor Otwell himself. Commitment! elaborated bit-by-bit and with Otwell’s personal inputs in many cases, a strong documentation lays up the foundation for any Laravel aspirant.

Directory structure

The latest updated Laravel framework comes with a new and simple structure in terms of a directory. The platform is realized on PSR-4 standards of autoloading which make all the classes of namespaces. The different folders of version, storage and configuration have switched from app folders to the directory.

Template engine

Laravel framework can create amazing layouts with dynamic content. Owing to its lightweight templates and widgets including JS & CSS Code with solid structures.

Complete libraries

With Object Oriented Libraries that many others not found usually in other PHP frameworks, including the likes of Authentication library, Laravel scores more here.

Route caching

The application with route registration tends to be slow generally. But with the unique feature on route caching, the procedure is quite faster and speedy in case of Laravel. Such a requirement plays a crucial role when the projects are huge as it requires a large number of routes to be processed on time. And this feature is implemented just with the process of deployment which makes it so quick.

Authentication system

With the help of inbuilt authentication in Laravel framework, the work of developers is realized to be simpler. They spend most of their time in correcting and authenticating the coding. But this time, since the authentication system is inbuilt, the coding procedure will become simpler and less time-consuming.

Intuitive syntax

Taylor Otwell has adapted the principles from Robert Martin’s book, clean code, on code that is descriptive and focused on the task, leading to a more maintainable code. In Laravel, there is a trait that the AuthController uses named Registers Users, which has 2 methods – one shows the registration form and the other processes the registration.

Artisan code generation

Laravel provides a built-in tool for the command line that creates and handles the Laravel project environment, called the Artisan. It can be used to create a skeleton code, its database structure and build the migration which makes it very easy to manage the database system.

Injection method

When you see the versions before, developers had to find inversions of control that can help in providing an instance of the class. But with the unique feature of improved method injection, Laravel Developers can state a class instance of the hinted type under the signature of controller method.

MVC architecture support

Following the MVC Pattern to ensure clarity between logic and presentation, Laravel’s this architecture helps in improving the performance, allows better documentation and has multiple built-in functions. The dependency injection allows one to code in contract, instead of a concrete class, thus making it easy to swap out implementations with minimal impact on the code.

Migration system for databases

Laravel migration system helps to expand the web application database structure without re-creating every time to make a change. With this feature, data losing risk is much lower. Not only that, it offers the possibility to change the structure of the database by using PHP code instead of SQL. Laravel Schema Builder helps in creating database tables and inserts indexes or columns quickly.


Many web app developers like Laravel due to the way it facilitates unit testing. This framework of PHP web development is capable of running many tests to ensure that new changes done by programmers do not unexpectedly break anything in the web application. Generally, laravel is considered to have stable releases in the industry as it is careful of the known failures. In addition to this, it makes it easy to write unit-tests for its own code.

System/multiple file system support

This platform offers one of the unique features of supporting multiple file systems with the help of third party or external package of file systems. With this feature, developers can either choose to store the files in a local file or on the cloud-based store which helps in quite a simple configuration procedure.


Laravel uses salted and hashed passwords - which comes to say that the password is never saved as plain text in its database, by using Bcrypt hashing algorithm for generating the said encrypted version of the password.


All of the above-mentioned features are very useful and handy that make Laravel framework impressive and highly preferred. Among developers and businesses, this framework is increasingly becoming more popular for its unique and classic architecture, where developers can easily create their own infrastructure specifically designed for their application. If you have anything to share regarding this article or about Laravel framework, then, don't hesitate to come in the comment section. Thank you!

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