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Is it worth paying someone to build a website or DIY - 2024 Guide

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Is it worth paying someone to build a website or DIY - 2024 Guide

If you are an individual starting a small business or you are some type of organization or a large company, then you need a website with which you can connect with your visitors and consumers. Although we are in 2024, online presence is still necessary for business success. But here a question arises, how much would it cost you to hire a web developer who will tailor a website according to your needs and requirements? You can relax, because this step won't cost you a fortune, and best of all, it's a task you can do yourself today.

What does website creation consist of?

This is a great question that we will be able to answer in this short article, but before we start you should first know why it is important to learn how to create a website, and BuildABrilliantSite will tell you why. However, one of the reasons is the reduced costs if you opt for this step. Although hiring a developer is not a luxury, you can still direct these funds to some other business development purpose. What no one will reveal to you, is that by deciding to create a website yourself you will be far more effective and faster than waiting for someone else to do it. And most importantly, you will tailor the site according to your preferences without having to correct anything.

I understand if this idea sounds scary to you, but I assure you it's a piece of cake and you'll have the most fun while doing it. To simplify your work, first make a plan: for whom you are creating the website, visualize its appearance, and the information that will be shared on it. Starting with your audience who will visit it every day, the next step will be easy, i.e. the appearance of the site itself, which will be adapted to the visitors.

Customizing the visual part is quite an easy task so let the creativity in you wake up. Here you can choose a template design, implement images and videos, choose between different fonts and colors, and much more. Truly, the possibilities are endless here. But you should pay attention to one extremely important thing, what you choose in the visual part should be compatible with what you want to serve on your website.

Set the key information that will be of great importance to the visitors. This includes the "About Me/Us" section, a contact section where the location or locations where the customers can find you, telephone, e-mail address, FAQ section for new visitors, type of services/products or the purpose of the site, and much more. Anything you think visitors should know about your website, that information should be shared.

What no web developer will ever admit are the benefits of choosing to build a website yourself. But we will not hide anything from you and we will reveal to you the positive features of this action.

  1. Does not negatively affect your budget: No matter what service you need, budget setting is one of the first features to be analyzed. Costs play a huge role in everyday life and DIY is one of the effective methods and a far cheaper option than hiring a professional. Also keep in mind that experienced developers are not exactly low budget, and the price can be higher if you opt for a more complex look. This project will not only save you a few extra bucks, but you'll get to learn another skill that can boost your CV, not to mention how much fun you'll have while doing it.
  2. You'll be more creative: Learning new skills can be an amazing experience, especially if you have at least a little knowledge of technology and how it works. Building a website from scratch requires knowledge of programming languages like HTML, CSS, and potentially JavaScript. This can be a significant learning curve for beginners. The process of building a website involves learning basic website terminology, understanding navigation structures, and exploring content management. After all, you must be aware that these projects in which you can invest yourself and your creative side can have a surprisingly good result. When working with a developer, miscommunication can often happen, and your vision can be interpreted by the developer in a different way, which can lead to dissatisfaction on your part. DIY will motivate you to give your best along the road until it is finalized and released for use by visitors.
  3. Gaining problem-solving skills and resourcefulness: Building a website can be a problem-solving exercise which can be really handy in some future scenarios in your life. You'll learn to navigate website builders, troubleshoot minor issues, and find creative solutions to present your content effectively. These skills translate to other areas of your life and career.

The advantages of hiring a professional web developer

If you decide on this option, you must also be aware of the benefits that the knowledge of the web developer can provide you:

Expertise and higher level of efficiency: A web developer possesses a number of perfect technical skills and years of experience on this field to build a website that is not only visually appealing for you or the people visiting it but also functionally sound and optimized for performance. This can save you so much of your precious time and frustration in the long run.

Custom unique design and full functionality: Professional developers can easily create a website that is tailored to your specific needs and demands. This includes unique and up to date layouts, bespoke features, and integrations with third-party applications that you might require. Whatever you set your mind on to, it can be done.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expertise

A skilled developer can implement SEO best practices to increase your website's visibility in search engine results. If you want to have increased website traffic overnight and meet your goals, this is the right step. This can significantly improve your online reach and attract more potential customers or clients.

Ongoing Support: Many developers offer ongoing maintenance and support plans. This ensures your website stays up-to-date with the latest security patches and functionality updates. Have some bugs that need to be fixed? Just contact the developer to help you with any problem you have.

Since we don't just want to reveal the benefits of DIY website creation, of course we also have something negative to say about this process. The biggest drawback that many people choose to take the easy way out and find someone to do the work for them is that you will have to sacrifice your free time. Designing, developing, and maintaining a professional-looking website is a time-consuming process. From learning the platform, choosing a theme, customizing layouts, and adding content, it can easily eat into your already busy schedule. This valuable time could be better spent focusing on your core business or passion project or any other activity you want to do in your free time.

There are many ways to easily and quickly learn all the tricks and many tips to successfully accomplish all this. Primarily you can start by watching YouTube tutorials, you can enroll in an online course, you can visit online blogs on the subject, etc. The Internet is the biggest source of information and you can find everything you are interested in very easily.

Finally, only the most interesting part remains, which is sharing the website on social networks and expecting positive feedback from all visitors.

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