Laptop Computer Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Load Up

Laptop Computer Buying Guide

A laptop computer is compact and easy to carry around if you need to work on the go. Without a laptop notebook, we would not blog about the food in first class during a flight or run demanding applications.

If you need to get some serious work done, a laptop computer is the best investment. Although many people use their smartphones to work and send emails, you cannot write an essay for college or type up a new business plan on a tiny device.

Everything from researching to typing and gaming can be done more efficiently using a laptop notebook. The best part is that you do not need to be a technology expert to start using your first laptop.

There are different models for all users to get the best experience. Here is everything you need to know about buying the right laptop computer, and how to get the best deal.

Choosing Your Operating System

One of the most important things to think about while shopping for a new laptop computer is which platform you want to use. This can be tricky if you are unfamiliar with PC or Macs.

You cannot buy a laptop without first choosing an operating system. The most popular user-friendly laptops come with Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS. They are all incredible in their own way. Therefore, it all comes down to your personal preference.


This is the easiest and most flexible operating system for everyone. You can also find Windows on a lot of low-priced laptop models if you do not want to spend a lot of money on a high-tech computer. Windows-based laptops have a lot of diversity.

Several manufacturers make Windows computers, and you can find a model for any budget. In some instances, you may also notice that Windows has some extremely fast computers that may even surpass a Mac.

Windows can also be excellent for business or gaming purposes. No matter the shape or size, there is never a shortage of Windows computers. You can also find Touchscreen Windows computers that do not cost an arm and a leg.

The best part about having Windows is that you can effortlessly use Microsoft Office programs, such as Word or Excel.

They were designed to run most efficiently with Windows, and many laptops already have Microsoft Office downloaded and ready. The only thing you need to do is switch on your Windows laptop and connect it to your Wi-Fi. The rest is magic.


macOS is Apple’s pride and joy. If you love iPhones and iPads, you may feel more inclined to buy a MacBook instead of a Windows laptop computer. This is because Apple has an incredible ecosystem that users struggle to break free from.

For instance, if you already have an iPhone, it is extremely easy to transfer files and data to your new MacBook and vice versa. Apple has always been overprotective of its brand.

Therefore, you can always rely on the best customer service since their support network is extremely resourceful to help fix problems faster than calling other call centers.

Macs are boastful about their quality. They look and feel elegant and have fascinating cutting-edge displays. This is why Macs are a great investment if you do not want to use Windows and enjoy Apple’s ecosystem.

However, remember that Apple computers are also some of the most expensive. Macs use rapid hardware, but Windows uses the most powerful graphics chips. It is also challenging to upgrade any components if you own a Mac.

Using macOS can be a bit of a learning curve if you are new to Apple products. But it is the most intuitive and straightforward operating system.

You can use Microsoft Office by buying the license for Macs, but you can take advantage of other proprietary office and media-editing programs that Apple offers. Photographers and media designers prefer using Macs because of their amazing range of editing software.

Chrome OS

Chrome OS is the operating system for Chromebooks by Google. After all, who does not enjoy using Google Chrome as their preferred browser? Chromebooks are more cost-friendly than Windows-based laptops or MacBook.

Many schools use them because they are more affordable to bulk order. You can use a Chromebook to perform basic tasks, such as shopping online or browsing social media.

The problem is that you will miss using Microsoft Office or Apple’s iTunes because none of these can be accessed effectively on Chromebooks. Chrome OS is extremely fast. It is more versatile and supports Linux.

This is one of the trickier operating systems to use if you are tech-savvy. However, Chrome OS can fit the bill if you want a simple laptop with all the essential features without spending much money.

Types of Laptops

When you have decided on an operating system, now you can shop for a laptop that aligns with your interests. Budget laptops are your best bet if you do not know a lot about laptops.

Most people want an easy device that can handle standard tasks. Someone who creates Excel sheets for a living would not want to splurge on a gaming laptop.

Depending on the brand you buy, laptops last a long time, making them such a great investment. Whether you want something that opens Netflix or a model with high-performing graphics, there is always something for everyone.

Entry-Level Laptop Computer

For instance, you can opt for an entry-level computer that is inexpensive. Buyers enjoy these because they are effortless to learn and use. They make a great gift for an elderly relative who does not want to get overwhelmed by too many apps and settings.

If you want a faster computer processor or a powerful graphics card, you will need to splurge a little more on a high-end model. Entry laptops are basic and provide the best bang for your buck.

Mid-Level Laptop Computer

This is a generous step up from an entry-level computer. Mid-level laptops are a treat thanks to their premium features and high-powered graphics card. This is a sweet spot if you want a luxury product without going for something too lavish.

Premium Laptop Computer

Premium laptops are the fastest you can buy. You can get the most powerful internal hardware, higher-resolution displays, longer battery life, and the best performance.

These laptops are perfect for those who consider themselves to be power users. If you are into content creation or gaming, this would be the best computer for you.

Although a premium laptop for gaming would look bulky due to the upgraded hardware, you will get addicted to 4K displays and impeccable battery power. For the most extreme processor speed, check out these laptops.

Laptop Hardware

All computers are powered by a computer processor or CPU. This is your laptop’s brain that does all the work. When you need to access any data from your computer, the CPU is the one that executes your action.

Intel's latest on the market are Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, and Core i9. If you want a laptop based on CPU, it is always best to go for the latest generation.

The older generations are great if you need a laptop computer for basic tasks like sending emails. However, going for an upgraded version can provide a much smoother experience because it can handle more tasks.

Graphics Card

Your GPU or Graphics Processing Unit will be the chip that creates all the media you see on the screen.

Many entry-level computers come with integrated graphics where the component is mounted in your main computer processor. Premium laptops may have enhanced graphics chips is soldered into their motherboards.

Laptop Memory

Your laptop’s system memory or RAM stores all your information. Therefore, it is always best to have as much RAM as possible to handle more tasks. However, since RAM does not hold all that data indefinitely, you can lose everything if the RAM has no power.

The sweet spot for RAM is usually around 8GB. But it is better to upgrade for 16GB or more if you want to run many applications.

Since your laptop’s internal RAM does not store data forever, you need a removable drive or external storage. This way, you can store all your downloaded music, photos, and videos safely without ever losing them.

Some laptops can offer up to a terabyte of storage. The more space you have, the better you will feel having numerous programs and files open on your computer all the time.

Find the Best Laptop Today

There is a laptop computer for every user. No matter how much tech experience you have, you can always find the right model for any level. Picture yourself using the laptop daily.

How many applications do you want to use? Are you planning to edit a lot of photos or videos? At the end of the day, it all comes down to finding a laptop that satisfies all your needs. If you enjoyed reading this laptop-buying guide, check out some of our other posts for more information.