Libra Coin – A New Digital Currency Developed by FACEBOOK

Have you ever though of moving money from one place to another within seconds? Technology has made it very simple that sending money has become more easy just as sending text or images.

A virtual coin technically known as Libra has been introduced by American Social Media company Facebook in past years but, yet to be in existence. This global coin enables money to just fly in air along with all encrypted techniques.

Libra is built on strong platforms in order to make payments easy and user friendly on mobile. It is a stable coin and makes transactions easy and fast.

Libra Blockchain

Blockchain is the most complex technology in recent times which gained popularity in all the sectors like Financial investments, insurance, health care, bitcoin casinos and many more fields.

Libra blockchain is an open source network which is known as a decentralized data model which is open to everyone across the world. It is termed as a distributed and structured programmable database which was designed mainly for all the financial services including all the global payments that meets billions of people across the world.

Libra protocol is proposed in order to improve the access for all the financial services. To validate the design of libra protocol- it has built on an open source proto type in order to collaborate with new business parties in this ecosystem.

Move - Programmable Language

Move is a programming language which is used for developing Libra Blockchain. It is generally a safe,flexible and bytecode executable programming language which is used in implementation of Custom transactions and Smart Contracts as well. Move enables the expressity of Libra Blockchain by validating the design of libra protocol.

To get more detailed about Libra, our team from has developed an interesting and innovative infographic on the new digital coin, Libra.

Libra Blockchain Infographic