List of best Bengali typing software

Transcription is the primary method of text transformation in the utility. Here, in this article, we are going to make a list of software that adds regional functionality to the keyboard of your PC by applying virtual layouts providing access to special symbols and key mappings for writing and editing texts in multiple languages and dialects used in India and Bangladesh. For type in Bangla language, you will need a software for Bangla typing. here we enlist with free software for download and type in Bangla using English to Bengali on the fly conversion or with other Unicode keyboards.

So, let's check out the list -

Avro Keyboard

Avro Keyboard lets you type in the Bengali language. The program allows typing in phonetics you can add English letters that make up the similar sound as in Bengali and the program will convert it. It also supports traditional keyboard layout based Bangla typing. You need to memorize the keyboard layout to use this. The software is included in System Utilities. It has support for fixed keyboard layout and its own phonetic layout named "Avro Phonetic" that allows typing Bengali through romanized transliteration. Avro Keyboard comes with many additional features; auto-correction, spell checker, a Font Fixer tool to set default Bengali font, a Keyboard Layout Editor, Unicode to Bijoy converter, and a set of Bengali Unicode fonts. This software is provided in a Standard Installer edition and Portable edition for Windows.

Features -

  • It supports writing Bengali text in both Unicode and ANSI. But just because the Bengali language is a complex language script & only Unicode has the fully supports, therefore 'Unicode' is the default output rendering for Avro.

  • Several fixed keyboard layouts like Probhat, Jatiya (National), Bornona, Avro Easy, Munir Optima are provided with Avro keyboard software to write Bengali.

  • Typing can be done by clicking the character symbols on the keyboard layout picture.

  • For phonetic typing, Avro keyboard provides a list of the correct word on the fly from the dictionary based on the typing. The correct word can be chosen from the list.

  • Avro provided a spell checker as a separate program. There is a spell checker plug-in for Microsoft Word.

  • If the Bengali language support is absent in the operating system even then Bengali script can be written by installing Avro.

  • The single key or multiple key combinations can be used to switch between languages.

  • If Bengali and English are being typed in two different programs then Avro can detect the language and can continue typing in the correct language.

  • A keyboard layout image can be seen on the screen for typing help.

  • New Keyboard layout can be created or the character settlement of existing keyboard keys can be rearranged by using the Avro keyboard layout changer which can be distributed and adopted as plugins.

  • Avro supports and provides Bengali Unicode and ANSI standard fonts. Any Unicode based Bengali font can be used with Avro besides ANSI fonts.

  • There is a Bengali dictionary in Avro keyboard for automatic correction. The editions of two autocorrect dictionaries of different computers can be merged.

  • Multiple keys can be combined to write custom word or sentence as a command.

  • There is a program called Unicode to Bijoy converter to convert Unicode Bengali text to ASCII (or Bijoy) standard.

  • Avro converter can convert ASCII/ANSI based Bangla documents written by Bijoy, Alpona, Proshika Shabda and Proportion formats to Unicode, without losing formatting. Avro Converter supports a variety of document types (*.txt, *.rft, *.doc, *.docx, *.mdb) conversion by OLE Automation method. With development focus solely on Avro Keyboard, OmicronLab has discontinued further development of Avro Converter.

  • There is an online forum from the OmicronLab accompanied with homepage to help the user of their products and discuss various issues. This forum is also used for feature suggestion and further development.

  • The Assamese language can be typed by Avro.


Lipikaar is a typing method which allows users to type in Bengali using a regular English keyboard. Lipikaar comes with a per PC license. Once purchased, it can be used on a single PC without any additional charges. This is a zero-integration, seamless solution that allows users to interact with your website in his/her preferred language. Just embed a small script in your webpage and start receiving profiles, contact forms, comments, emails, scraps and personal designs in 18 languages.

Features -

  • Simple, easy to use and intuitive typing solution.

  • Create Word documents, Presentations, Excel Sheets or write emails in Bengali.

  • No fluency in English is required. Lipikaar encourages users to think in Bengali.

  • No keyboard stickers required

  • Lipikaar is based on simple rules which allow you to type words accurately. With Lipikaar, even the most complicated word can be typed effortlessly in seconds.

  • Unlike transliteration, Lipikaar gives users complete control over typing.

  • Designed for professional use.

  • Supports: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.


BanglaWord is a smart word processing application, specifically designed for writing Bengali documents. Bangla text is entered using only the vowels (swarabarnas) and the consonant (banjonborno). The conjunct characters (jukto okkors) are placed automatically by the system if possible otherwise when indicated by the user. Bengali alphabet is mapped phonetically on to the standard QWERTY keyboard, independent of any Bangla font. This minimises the initial learning curve and removes the need for a physical layout template. Find more about Bangla Word.

Features -

  • Supports over 200 Bengali fonts

  • Complete word processing package

  • Phonetic based - Easy Bangla typing

  • Uses Smart Bangla Typing Technology

  • Create Bangla Web pages

  • Best of all it's Free for personal use

Akkhor Bangla Package

Akkhor is a beautiful piece of Bengali software. With this software, you can easily write the Bengali language. Akkhor Bangla is the first Bangla Text to Speech system developed back in 2003 which could read the Bangla ascii and Unicode characters.DDS developed Akkhor, which is the first phonetic keyboard together with the National Bangla keyboard. Akkhor is a beautiful piece of Bangla software developed by DDS back in 2003.

Features -

  • Type Bangla phonetically. As an example, if you write "Bangla" then you will see it in Bangla language.

  • Use any Bangla keyboard layout or you can make your own keyboard layout.

  • Write Bangla by mouse click.

  • Type Arabic language also.

  • You can convert any texts to picture directly. So no problem to display Bangla when you send this mail to anyone.

  • With the Translator, you can translate English to Bengali language.


EasyLearnBangla is available as a free download on software library. This software is the most frequently downloaded one by the program users. The program's installer file is commonly found as EasyLearnBangla exe. Built-in antivirus scanned this download and rated it as 100% safe. This software is an intellectual property of Bangla Soft. The software belongs to Education Tools.

Features -

  • Bengali Alphabets reading, writing, making words

  • Making Bengali sentences

  • Basic Conversations; Time, Days, Months, Greeting, Making Friends, Farewell, etc

  • Advanced Conversations; Shopping, Doctors, Dentist, Booking Hotel, Bengali Proverbs, etc

  • Talking Dictionary (English-Bangla, Bangla-English).

Bengali Typing Tutor

This “Bangla typing tutor” will help you learn to type in Bengali fast. It supports multiple popular Bengali keyboard layouts of different Bengali typing software available. You can choose one of your choices. To do that, just right-click anywhere on the application window and click ‘Select keyboard layout’.

Features -

  • Easy solution for type in Bengali without learning Bengali typing.

  • On-screen suggestion words for faster and accurate typing

  • The converted passage can be used anywhere in MS Word also.

  • Write in Bengali any-time, anywhere.

  • Very easy to use and install.

Bengali Wordpad

Bengali WordPad is a basic text editing program and it's most commonly used to view or edit Rich-text files with Bengali fonts. A rich-text file is a file type typically identified by the .rtf file name extension which may contain binary objects like images, table, chart, graph etc along with various text format.

Features -

  • Typing is possible without a keyboard

  • Vowels and Consonants are displayed in groups on the key-bar.

  • Very easy to make any conjunct character.

  • Ms-paint, Microsoft Word, Equation Editor can be easily used at the time of writing in Bengali WordPad.

  • Bengali and English fonts can be used together as well as separately.

  • Various stylish Bengali fonts are available.

  • The interface is very simple.

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