List of useful keyboards for programmer

keyboards for programmer

A good programming keyboard can help the programmer and web developer code fast and well. Most of the programmers prefer mechanical keyboards with efficient reliability and good quality features. The programming keyboard should be highly reliable and efficient for programming and typing purposes.

As the programmers, full stack developers and coders have to do a lot of coding and typing. So they will need the best programming keyboard 2019.

Best Programming Keyboard 2019 for programmers and developers is necessary.

So, here, for best programming, we have listed the top 10 programming keyboards that you should buy in 2019.

Let's explore it -

Logitech Craft

This is a new developer keyboard from Logitech and is designed for programmers and designers. It has one key feature that puts it ahead of the competition which is the control wheel that sits at the top left of the keyboard. This wheel interacts with different programs in different ways and is fully programmable. But it makes every day functions like changing brush size in photoshop a pleasure. This developer keyboard is also wireless but can be plugged in via USB-C so has the best of both worlds to meet everyone’s needs.

Kinesis Freestyle2

This Kinesis keyboard does a lot to adapt itself to the anatomy of the owner. You can position its split halves independently and finely tune the tenting from 5 to 90 degrees to reduce ulnar deviation, pronation, and wrist extension. Its compact form (somewhere between 60% and TKL) reduces the overreach for the mouse and makes this keyboard easily transportable. In spite of this, it has a nifty set of driverless hotkeys that don’t get in your way.

USA Filco Ninja

Filco is the best mechanical programming keyboard that is produced in the market of 2019. This is one of the hot-selling keyboards of Filco. It comes with front printing keycaps. You can call it a blank keycap programming keyboard of 2019. As the programmers and developers are typists and they require a keyboard with standard keycap distribution. It helps the programmer memorize each and every keycap on the keyboard. This programming keyboard 2019 comes with 3 lit keys of Capital, Scroll and Num lock. Filco Ninja is most popular among the customers of Filco because of its high build quality.

Unicomp Model M

It has a unique feel, and it’s clicky as hell. Every satisfying snap of the keys is an affirmation that you’re on the job and you’ve got game. The Model M keyboard has a buckling spring mechanism that sends your fingers flying. Typing each individual keystroke gives you the strength of purpose, even if you're just writing out your grocery list. The Unicomp keyboard’s only concession to the modern world is that it now uses USB.

Microsoft Surface Keyboard

This keyboard, on the other hand, is fantastic and would be a great keyboard for any developer. This is another keyboard built with aluminum, so it has no flex and is completely bomb proof. The keys are also very tactile and feel even better than its Apple equivalent which this has clearly been based on. This is also a small and light keyboard so if you are picking up a wireless keyboard for its portability, then this certainly won’t disappoint.

Logitech MK270

The MK270 keyboard is quite efficient in terms of productivity and is one of the best keyboards for programming that’s also inexpensive. Being a wireless keyboard, you can easily move it around and can use the keyboard in a comfortable position. Programmers often spend long hours on the computer until the job gets done. The wireless connectivity and compact shape make it easier. It is powered by AA batteries. It is a full-size keyboard which includes a number pad as well, but as it is lightweight, you can keep it on your lap to do your coding work without any trouble. The 2.4 GHz signal allows you to keep the keyboard and mouse connected to your computer without any lag or connectivity issues. It has a dedicated set of media keys on top including play, pause, stop and volume up and down buttons.

Anker Wireless Keyboard

Anker is a quality brand and the combo that they have created looks like a plausible choice for programmers of all types. Most coders prefer to code for long hours without any disturbance and external noises. The keyboard is extremely silent even when you type at your maximum speed as the keys are designed with the least travel distance possible. It may even help you type faster as you can float your fingers from one key to another.

Corsair K55

Corsair is a strong brand known for their quality cases, RAM and PC peripherals. They excel at providing the best value for your money. Compared to many mechanical keyboards, the K55 is a welcome addition as it is a membrane keyboard. It will not make any noise when in use and has a sturdy aluminum chassis to provide rigidity. The keyboard has a dedicated section for media keys including volume buttons so that you can adjust your music on the fly. It uses three zones dynamic RGB but if you find the multi-color system intrusive, you can always switch it to a mild blue, white or any warm color. You can simply turn off the lights if you don’t need them.

Vortexgear KBC Poker 3

The Vortexgear KBC Poker 3 comes in a compact size that makes it a smart choice for the digital nomad who is always on the go, but still needs something that feels good when typing and allows for efficient work. It may take some getting used to the multiple layers though.

Razer Huntsman Elite

The Razer Huntsman Elite uses the optical technology and features Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch for unmatched speed. A key stabilizer bar makes every keystroke precise and accurate. Paired with the new switch design, it is the first click switch that resets at the exact same point for speedy performance. The keyboard has a programmable digital dial that allows quick access to various functions. You can even personalize settings with hybrid onboard memory and cloud storage. Floating keycaps exist over a jet black anodized aluminum keyboard deck.

Stock photo from Vladyslav Starozhylov

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