Sun Oct 08 2023

Major Ways That Artificial Intelligence Will Change Our Lives

Major Ways That Artificial Intelligence Will Change Our Lives

One of the most potentially beneficial developments since the turn of the century has been AI; also known as machine learning, we have finally managed to build computers that do a lot more than talk to each other. Experts say that AI will revolutionise our world and here are some of the ways that AI will influence all of our lives.

Traffic Management

AI systems are already managing national traffic grids with real-time sensors relaying data, enabling the system to avoid traffic snarls and bottlenecks. It isn’t only our roads that will be managed by banks of AI computers, train networks and air traffic control are also the domain of AI.

Automating Business Processes

Whether you are looking to create financial compliance documents or leasing agreements, simply give AI your values and it will compile professional standard documentation to order. Many factories are already fully automated, with many others on the road to complete automation; a large factory could be managed by as few as 10 employees.

Facial Recognition

Every Chinese citizen is tracked in real-time as they go about their daily business; underground control centres have huge digital screens and every person walking through an urban region would be tracked. Of course, there is a downside to this; do we really want our government to know where we are (and what we are doing) at all times? People who go missing can be found by asking the system to search for the individual.

Driverless Vehicles

Tesla is already selling cars that drive themselves and we can expect to see traditional internal combustion cars replaced by EVs in the coming few years. As tech develops, more auto makers will move into this new and exciting market and we wonder how long it will be before people no longer drive. Click here for ways that AI is assisting the Internet of Things.


AI can already design things far better than any human ever could and the more data that is fed into the system, the more likely it is for an amazing design to be the outcome. It might surprise you to learn that AI can create stunning art, while cutting-edge design is well within the capability of Artificial Intelligence.


We already have AI systems that can diagnose cancer from looking at X-ray images; indeed, there are systems that can outperform humans in this regard. AI carries out extremely delicate brain surgery and it never makes mistakes! It isn’t only micro-surgery and diagnosis that AI excels at, it can assist with creating new drugs.

As you can see, there are quite a few areas of modern life where AI is already making an impact and with so much potential, who knows where this might lead!

As a footnote, it should be known that people such as Elon Musk are warning about the inherent dangers of machine learning.

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