Most Interesting facts about Java

Most Interesting facts about Java

Java is a general purpose long lasting programming language and lot more than just a usual programming language. It remains immensely popular and for many good reasons. Java is a multi-platform unique programming language with inbuilt security. In fact, many programmers start their career with Java. And like always, popular things always came with many interesting stories and facts. In this geek story will listed 8 most interesting facts about Java.

So, let's find them -

Java came from Oak

Originally, Java was called as Oak from the name of that tree that grew outside the window of James Gosling. It was eventually changed to Java by Sun's marketing department when they found that name already register for a computer company.

By accident Java was developed

Around 1992, James Gosling and his building a set-top box. They started by cleaning up C++ and wound up with a new language Java.

Java mascot, 'The Duke'

Duke was designed by Joe Palrang to represent a software agent that performed tasks for the user. A living, life-size Duke is a popular feature at every JavaOne developer conference. And each year, Oracle releases a new Duke personality.

Class 0xCafeBabe

The "0xCafeBabe" magic number in the class files was named after the Cafe, where the gang of Java developer used to go for coffee.

Final is not final

Final has four different meanings in Java -

i) Final class - The class cannot be extended

ii) Final method - the method cannot be overridden

iii) Final field - The field is a constant

iv) Final variable - the value of the variable cannot be changed once assigned

Popular user interface

Currently, Java practically runs on 3 billion plus smartphones, as well as 125 million TV sets and each Blu-Ray player. This language is continually ranked first in the software developer rankings and also the best choice of programming languages.

Java for enterprises

95 percent of enterprises are using Java as their primary language. Which is more than C and other languages put together.

Free from Pointer

There has no concept of pointer in Java because it doesn't need them for general purpose OOP programming. Adding pointers to Java would undermine security and robustness and make the language more complex.

Language for software developers

Java has been refined further, tested considerably and extended as well as proven by a whole range of software developers and architects. This programming language is designed to ensure the development of high-performance apps for numerous computing platforms. Advanced Java can boost productivity, communication, and partnership besides reducing enterprise and consumer applications.

It's second most popular among programming languages

Though many would argue that Java is all time favourite among developers, it is the second most popular programming language after C. Java is ranked second in popularity among programming languages.

JUnit testing framework

The JUnit Testing Framework is currently the top used Java technology. Its stability and popularity can be deduced from the fact that almost 4 out of 5 Java developers or 70 % developers out there used JUnit Testing Framework.

Java on smartphones

Java practically runs on 1billion plus smartphones today because Google’s Android operating system uses Java APIs.

Anywhere and everywhere

Education, embedded systems, application programming, and simulation are some of the many areas where Java basics can be applied. Areas of application include network apps, WWW Applets, Cross-platform app development and more. Java codes is a programming language as well as a virtual machine and API specification. One of the biggest advantages of this language making it easy for use across numerous settings is its high level of security and safety.

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