Newest Trend in Cycling Technology

Newest Trend in Cycling Technology

You’ve heard of all the exercise apps that track your running, but what about for cycling?

Cycling today extends past just trying to burn calories and stay fit. As many avid cyclists understand, tracking performance is just as important as reaching performance goals. Although there are many apps to track running performance, there are fewer that truly specialise in accurately tracking cycling performance, and allow cyclists to track and share their progress online with their cycling groups and friends.

Trends in Cycling Tech

With social distancing measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, many cyclists have felt demotivated and separated from their cycling groups and friends. However, in this day and age, a modern cyclist is able to track and share their results online, and it is often such tracking that can cyclists can cling onto, in order to give each other that extra ounce of motivation to continue to strive for personal bests. This makes it ever more important for cyclists to accurately track their workouts, and stay comfortable while doing so.

Advancements in fitness technology have increasingly allowed cyclists to receive automated suggestions on how to improve a workout. AI training takes this one step further by providing personalised training regimens to push you to your very limit, with pre-exercise stretching, to interval training during exercise, to all-day tracking of your healthy activity - and all this from your own pocket!

AI training also prioritises your posture and cadence, which for many cyclists is of paramount importance, yet is something that many fitness apps ignore. In particular, Solos Smart Glasses help to minimise the risks of injury by monitoring your posture, not only during your workout, but also before and after too. This helps to decrease the impact force on your muscles and bones throughout the day, enhancing your performance when it really matters.

Smart glasses in its essence offer a remedy to this, for the many cyclists who wear sunglasses during cycling - instead of checking if your pace is dropped, let the AI coaching system embedded in your smart glasses keep you updated instead. So wave goodbye to checking your phone in the middle of your cycle and awkwardly checking it to check how much further you have to go, or if your pace has dropped.

A quality pair of smart glasses will bring AI coaching to life and enhance your cycling experience like no other, especially with a Bluetooth 5.0 Connection to immediately see your performance throughout your workout, giving you instant AI feedback on your speed, cycle duration, and time.

When choosing the best AI training app for your workout, most apps allow you to configure your own workout settings in order to match your workout style. The Solos AirGo Mobile app really takes this to the next level with an AI coach that monitors your physical and bodily health not just during your workout, but also before and after too. Its AI care features include posture monitoring, stretching exercises, and even water-drinking reminders, in order to advocate a healthy lifestyle.

The Smart Glasses Cycling Experience

The Smart Glasses Cycling

Smart glasses are particularly handy for cyclists, since many cyclists already wear sunglasses while cycling anyway. Comfort is a priority when choosing a pair of smart glasses, regardless of whether you are training for a long-distance cycle, or doing interval training. The last thing you would want is for the smart glasses to fall off, so make sure they are comfortable, and never settle for any one-size-fits-all design.

The customisation options for smart glasses can truly make the workout more comfortable, from adjustable nose pads to silicone temple tips. Most smart glasses brands also offer 3-5 different frames to use during the cycle, to allow you to find the best balance of comfort and looking good. Most importantly, eye protection, especially when cycling outdoors, is crucial, and there must be lens options that offer UV protection.

For those who truly wish to customise their smart glasses to maximise their comfort during their run, Solos AirGo Smart Glasses offers an incredible 30+ choices for customisation. From fashionable choices such as mirror lenses, to more professional choices like the Zeiss LightPro lenses, to practical choices such as sunglasses lenses or short-sighted lenses, Solos AirGo Smart Glasses offer a great choice of lenses for every occasion.

Solos AirGo Smart Glasses feature a patented SmartHinge design that makes swapping between frames as easy as building Legos. Its comfortable acetate frame comes in at just 38 grams (1.34 ounces), and is one of the lightest smart glasses in the market. They will feel as if they aren’t even there, making your cycling journey as smooth and weight-free as possible!

By the end of the workout, the smart glasses will have tracked your whole cycle, whether on a stationary bike or outdoors. Your progress can be simultaneously paired to your phone and your laptop through Bluetooth, allowing you to access data on your workout whenever you need it, and of course, share your cycle with your friends! Solos Smart Glasses have also paired up with Zizzo folding bikes to track your workout even more accurately.

Smart Glasses Specifications

Smart Glasses

Smart glasses allow you to streamline your cycling experience, and help you to stay focused on your goal. In fact, your smart glasses are the only cycling accessory you will need, given that they have a strong Bluetooth connection, and a reliable movement detection to track the distance cycled. With that, your workout will be accurately tracked by the time you finish, and you can share your progress online!

Smart glasses must provide simple and intuitive gesture sensing during the workout, so as not to disturb you while you are on the bike. This includes features such as a quality audio system with nonnegotiable features such as touch volume control that allow you to keep your hands free during your workout. They should also automatically switch on and off when taking off or putting on your smart glasses, so that it records your workout as accurately as possible.
Solos Smart Glasses perform highly on all of these aspects, with the Whisper™ Audio Technology Audio System to complement the multi-mic, noise-cancelling system, creating a surround sound spatial effect using dual-directional speakers. Whether you are on a call, or enjoying music during your workout, Solos AirGo Smart Glasses will make sure nothing gets between you and your goal.

In addition, it features a 9-axis motion sensing on top of that. This helps to streamline the quality of interactions with the AI trainer, making it incredibly convenient not only during the cycling workout, but also throughout the day. Solos AirGo Smart Glasses are outstanding in that they can continue to provide full day posture advice and step count functions as part of its standalone mode.

With just 1.5 hours of charging, Solos AirGo Smart Glasses beats the industry average of 6 hours. Being able to use the smart glasses for the full day is important, and Solos AirGo Smart Glasses boasts 11 hours of music playback time and 8 hours of non-stop calling. However, an average day with Solos AirGo Smart Glasses could look more like 5 hours of audio, 2 hours of voice call, and 17 hours of standby - all without a second charge!

Solos AirGo Smart Glasses are a chance to change how you workout forever, helping you to reach your goals with ease from today forward!