Programming languages that hard to learn

Difficult programming languages

Programming is the art of developing our logic & enhancing our knowledge to make something beautiful. Sometimes you might wonder that programming is boring and difficult especially when you stuck with lots of errors. And sometimes you may find it interesting when you start it or work with. Year by year, we all saw the rise of new emerging Programming languages like Python & Ruby. But, do you know some of the most difficult programming languages that exist and you may don’t know about them. Well, here we are going to show some difficult languages that will help you to know programming field better.

So, let's see the languages -


The COW programming language was designed with the bovine in mind. Given that cows have somewhat limited vocabulary skills, it seemed natural to incorporate only the words they know into the language. It has only 12 instructions which based on Moo which just so happens to be the only word they really understand just like a COW.


If you are a cook, you might just love the programming language. The codes appear to be some cooking recipe and the principles listed in Chef’s documentation are the funniest. Some of the principles state that program recipes should not only be right to generate output but should be easy to prepare and look delicious. Not just that, the program recipe should be tailor-made for cooks with different budgets. The keywords are all the names of the ingredients of cooking. You got to see some of the sample codes in the programming language, and you might discover the eternal source of laughter.


This language really hard to understand. This is a compiler programming language with no pronounceable acronym. It was created in 1972 by 2 students Jim Lyon and Don Woods. It uses statements such as “READ OUT”, “IGNORE”, “FORGET”, and modifiers such as “PLEASE”.


This language is created by Urban Müller in 1993. As per the name this language is really a brainfuck. Why? There are only 8 commands in this language. it is impossible to create a complex program with this language. it's basically operates on an array of memory cells.

Here are the 8 commands of this language - ″>” ; “<” ; “+” ; “-” ; “.” ; “,”  ; “[” ; “]”.


Malbolge is created by Ben Olmstead in 1998. It was the most difficult programming language even its creator was not able to program easy program. Malbolge Language designed to be difficult or impossible to learn.


It was released on 1 April 2003. In the Whitespace language, only spaces, tabs and linefeeds have meaning. The Whitespace interpreter ignores any non-whitespace characters. An interesting consequence of this property is that a Whitespace program can easily be contained within the whitespace characters of a program written in another language.

C and C++

Many people don't recommend C++ for beginners. The reason that C++ is avoided because it is low-level and languages with more abstraction are easier to understand, but that C++ lets people learn what goes on behind the scenes in terms of the memory.

And starting with C is also not necessarily a good idea, because C provides only a very small layer of abstraction, you really have to a great understanding knowledge of what is actually going on inside the computer, to some extent. Their syntax is so confusing, so you have to give them more time and need a lot of practices to understand these languages.


Lastly, say that difficulty depends on commitment. The difficulty is all in the question of why you are programming.  If you have a prejudice about a language, it will be difficult to learn. If you are interested in what kinds of problems inspired the development of the language, it will be easy. If you know any language that prefers as difficult, then, you can share your experiences with us in the comments. Thank you!

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