Why Python so much popular?

Reason behind Python's popularity

The world is really vast in programming, but nobody can deny that the Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages in the entire programming history. You might be observed the presence of Python language. But this programming language is more than its presence. Though, it’s not quite as old as some other languages but still been around for longer than people think.

Python was created by Guido van Rossum and initially released in 1991, after that it has transformed considerably over the years. It’s considered so versatile as its usability. You can use Python program to build Raspberry Pi applications, develop for the desktop application, use in system programming, develop websites and can configure servers.

From industry to university - almost everywhere Python use as a primary programming language and it's getting increases in the number of popularity day by day. Now, It's becoming a favorite language among the developers. The worldwide programmers prefer to use Python because Python focuses on removing clutter and capable to reduce the complexity of the code.

The big names like Google, Instagram, Quora, YouTube etc. are also used Python as their primary language, not for its popularity but for its simplicity, problem-solving capability, understand quantitative problems and assess the risk associated with the same. Even, the nontechnical sections like investment bankers and major trading companies also start using Python because of its possibility. This article will become incomplete if we don’t point out the reasons for Python’s popularity. So, let's start -

Open for cross-platform operations

Python is compatible with almost all platforms. It works well on Windows, Linux, MAC operating system and also on other platforms. Python website provides user services of Python. It allows school students to use Python on their school systems. Moreover, the python website is a solution for everyone who doesn't want to install the full program setups on their systems. It has over 30 cross-platform frameworks. The language is used for system operations, web development, server and administrative tools, deployment, scientific modeling and much more.

Simplicity and flexibility

Simplicity is the first reason of the language that makes its favoritism with every programmer. Python focused on the elimination of complexity. It uses simple English words as its language rather than using complex syntax. It makes easier for you to understand and use open source codes.

Provide multiple GUI options

Python has many GUI toolkits like Gtk, Qt, Tk, wxWidgets and seven frameworks like Kivy, PyQt, gui2Py, libavg, wxPython, Pyforms, and PyGOBjects.


Python is incredibly easy to learn and use by newbie programmers. It’s one of the most accessible programming languages available in the market. The reason is It has simplified syntax with an emphasis on natural language and you can write Python code and execute it much faster. So, a lot of young developers are getting their start their career with Python. But it doesn't mean that the experienced developers are left by the wayside, Python provides plenty function to work with it.

A healthy, active and supportive Community

Most of the programming languages have lack documentation and developer support, but Python has neither of those problems. There have plenty of documentation, guides, tutorials and more. The developer community also active. Any time if someone needs help or support, they can get it any time. This active community helps to developers with all skills levels. From beginner to expert everyone always finds support. Because any experienced programmer or developer knows that when you start development process face many different kinds of issues, so support can either make or break you.


Any Python developer or anyone who used Python, they’ll always agree that it’s best in speed, reliable and efficient. You can work and deploy Python applications in any environment, and there’s no performance loss no matter which platform you are in.

It's versatile which provide to work across several domains without limit including web development, desktop applications, mobile applications, hardware and many more.


Python is a general-purpose language, which means it isn’t used for just one purpose such as System programming. Rather, it’s used in many different industries, and the industry in which you choose to work will determine how you actually learn the language. If you want a programming job, then the language is easy to pick up, but you need to learn more than the basics and have to be strong to an understanding of some pretty complex processes. If you’re hired to write apps that interact with operating systems and monitor devices, you might not need to know scientific and numerical programming. You can write Python code that interacts with a MySQL database, then you won’t need to master how it works with CouchDB.

Big data support and amazing libraries

Python has the use of big data and cloud computing solutions and also helped with skyrocket to get success. It's one of the most popular languages used in data science and is used for machine learning, AI systems, and various modern cutting-edge technologies. It's incredibly easy to analyze and organize data. It helps you to save time and cut down on the initial development cycle when you’re working on bigger projects. Python has an excellent selection of libraries, from NumPy and SciPy for scientific computing to Django for web development. Even there are few libraries with a more specific focus, like scikit-learn for machine learning applications and nltk for natural language processing. It has huge cloud media services like Encoding.com allow compatibility with C-family languages.

Code readability

When you make any list, it's always better to make precise and break the list in the subheading to make more understandable. The method of breaking down the work into subheadings is called scoping. Python does the same for you, it breaks down the assigned work and focuses on making it easily understandable and achievable. It applies a code in an easy way and breaks it down and frame the codes together that relate to each other.


Above mentioned reasons are enough to know why Python is so popular. If you like and anything on this list please fill free to comment below. Thank you for reading.

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