Skills you must have to become an Android developer

Skills you must have to become an Android developer

Today, mobile apps enable users around the globe to engage in more interesting and innovative ways than ever imagined. Every day apps have changed the way with new features. The way that we communicate, consume entertainment, and the way we learn things about the globe. The app development jobs have now become ever more enriching, fulfilling, and necessary to the modern global economy. Android app is in a great demand considering the increased adoption of the platform.

So, how to become a mobile developer? What skills do you need to become a mobile developer?

Building Android applications requires a deep knowledge of programming and design. Many different manufacturers prefer that the developers need to keep their code flexible and account for a variety of user scenarios. There are a few basic ideas that all Android developers should know.

Here, in this article, we highlight some essential abilities -

Programming Language

An Android developer must be well known with Java programming language. Though there are also some other programming languages are used for Android development. But Java is the primary language for native app development as an integrated development environment (IDE). So, an android app developer must be well aware with some of the most complex Java syntax and its programming structures. The Android developer should know object-oriented concepts like class vs static methods, inheritance, hibernate and everything in Java. The developer must have good working knowledge of lists, variables, loops, control structure etc.

Android Studio

Android Studio is a must have for the Android developer. It is built on top of the well-respected IntelliJ IDE, and it comes with great out-of-the-box support for many of the most common Android SDKs. The IDE of choice for Android developers is called Android Studio. It features many of the capabilities developers expect of a full-featured IDE. Code completion helps to make autocomplete suggestions when you type. Code debuggers let you step through your code to identify the source of errors. There are also more advanced tools like memory and CPU monitors, helping developers make sure their code will maintain high performance on the mobile devices.


Programmers use XML to describe data. It allows information to be passed between devices that can be understood consistently. XML will help you to create layouts that will serve as the foundational UI definition for Android applications. You’ll need XML for can be done through Android Studio, but it’s constructive to be grounded in the basics of the markup language.

Material design

Material design can help you decide what app should look like. Material design proposes design guidelines and standards that can help your application look and feel like other Android applications. It makes easier for users to work with and helping it gain acceptance in the marketplace. Design simply means the look and feel of the app. Customers do not want an ugly app and icon on their high-tech smartphones. They want an Android app to look appealing in addition to providing a smooth experience and value. So, your app needs to be easy to use, and have a good design.


You’ll also need to learn the basics of SQL to organize the databases within Android apps. SQL is a language for expressing queries to retrieve information from to databases.

Android SDK Knowledge

An Android developer must have proficient knowledge of Android Software development Kit. The Android SDKs are modules of Java code that give developers to access device functions like the camera and accelerometer. One key component of the Android SDK is a library called Gradle. It makes easy to understand what each package does and how to plug it into your app.


You must be familiar to get data from the web as a number of apps have a network-based component. Most number of postings expects the developer to be proficient with their own API or some other 3rd party API. You should also have good knowledge of adding third-party libraries and dealing with APIs.

Back-end Skills

Android developers are required to contribute to the back-end of their system. Your back-end skills will ultimately prove to be highly advantageous.

Collaboration and Communication Skills

Team collaboration is very important in most developer positions. It is critical for the success of a project as a developer has to communicate the challenges to the team members as well as update the client on the status and technical feasibility of the project. Collaboration with a team is the key when you are in the position of a developer. It’s required collaborating with other people in the organization. You must always share your work with others and invite feedback and discussion.


Doing something for a few days or weeks and then quitting won’t take you anywhere. If you want to be successful as a developer, you will need to be consistent.


Perseverance is the ability to start and continue towards the goal. It is an essential skill for success. You will be requiring deep passion to power you. You can take advantage of frameworks and libraries posted on sites like GitHub.

Use automated function

If you need to do something repetitive tasks, then consider automating it. It will cumulatively save you a lot of time every time. It helps you to work on doing other tasks, more productive and useful things.

Start with small and simple

As a developer, you should start with small, simple, and independent components that can be understood and solved easily and quickly. At an initial stage, don’t get overwhelmed or complexity of a project. Once you are on the right track, everything can be solved easily. Take small steps, and then expand slowly.



Lastly say, being an Android developer is a challenging and also a rewarding job. As a developer, you have to stay updated on the latest technology updates and always strive to perform better with each project. Hope this article gave you a little bit startup to build your Android app development career. You can share your experiences with us. Thank you!

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